What record/etc. did you just buy?

The chip tune dub is a belter


Yes Kamer is a g :gunfinger:

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Good to know chiptune dub is still in style.

Picked up an old whodemsound release on redeye

iSt3p - Shiver. The B side is :fire:


To my surprise I’ve actually received two records from Horizons Music that I’d assumed weren’t coming, so am finally free from them after being fucked about with ‘gift cards’ for unfulfilled orders going back about a year now.
Pain in the arse company.

How long were you waiting for the records? Surprised theyre still about

In the end about 6 weeks, but the initial order started long before that and became a cycle of ‘actually we can’t get that in, can you order something else’. Got there in the end but that’s the last time for me.

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Been looking for this tune in reasonable nick/price for a while now. Went into Sister Ray yesterday and it was right there at the top of a big pile of Wackies records. Made my day.

Picked these up as well




Egyptian March is an absolute gem.

It came thru. I thought it would look cool inside the dog cage. Pic kinda sucks.


Big release

Yeah dude Egyptian March reminds me of Jesus because there’s an Egyptian man of God named Michael Youseff who wrote some good self help books I’ve read.

Ryan, you fucking skunk…


Impervious :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

got a bunch of stuff this week!

kromestar - kalawanji / surgery (original) medi-001 2006
d1 - veto ep - vv-special-one 2023
scuba - aqualung / nomad remix limited edition abucs001 2023
scuba - three sided shape 2010 hotflush tri002
mount kimbie - blind night errand 2010 hotflush cnl002
peverelist & hyetal - the hum / rrrr 2010 drunk019


Cessman - Dumbo/Paranormal
30 copies via his bandcamp on 30th June
Clips: Cessman - Dumbo - YouTube
Stream Sir Ebral - 01 Jun 2023 by Sub FM | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

This turned up yesterday - Shades - From a Vein, was a bandcamp cowdfunded release from yonks ago, pretty looking plates

also recently got these from scogs


Jordan Rakei finally put out his first EP, “Franklin’s Room”, on vinyl. Picked it up a few days ago.

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Found this one in my collection while picking tunes for my gig tn