What record/etc. did you just buy?

We had a record label??
I dont remember that

Label is called Pressing Issues.


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quite wild isn’t it. I remember finding this one Inna small record shop in st paul Minnesota of all places


most recent purchase!


uprise is a sick tuna

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This turned up today. Bloody love SKRS and the soulful focus of this one works great. Reminds me a little bit of Dilla’s Donuts era at times, big synthy basslines and soul samples ricocheting everywhere. Prob gonna be one of my favourite releases this year. Cost the same to buy from bandcamp with Japan shipping as it would from any of the UK distros:

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I’ve picked up the egoless dub LP on deep medi which is a lot of fun. Can’t wait for the sun to come out and listen to this.

Also grabbed the Avenged Sevenfold LP from last year. They made a better Black MIDI album than Black MIDI which is quite an achievement

I just bought this one.

my boi tes la rok!


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nice finn memeing bro! do you know what it means?

i googled it so, yes

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