What record/etc. did you just buy?


you heard the OG? evil af


it’s on the flip to the remix.


oh word? I got the one with prototype on the flip, assumed the remix had something else instead


oh wait -

I didn’t know there was an “og remix” released; I was assuming our boy picked up the Om Unit Remix (which has the original mix on the flip indeed).

So, I guess this is the one @dansci got?

tbh I prefer the original mix, although the snare in this one is straight fire.


Ahh skn skn, tbh I only heard that remix today. But feels a bit too dancey ygm which isn’t a bad thing but it waters down the OGs vibes


Yeah i got that one… Maybe its because i heard that version first but i like it over the original and Om Units flip. It sounds more agressive than the original… But i have the other ones on my phone so i cant rule out their use in future mixes.


Dillinja - Angels Fell / Jah Know Ya Big / Brutal Bass
Source Direct - The Crane (Alternate Mix)
Source Direct - The Crane / Inland & Function Remix
Dem 2 Ruff - Nice Tune (Tim Reaper Remix) / Nice Tune VIP / Wanting
Lyeform - Stigma / TMSV Remix
Ironsoul - Emotion 2 / Bounce
Last Japan ft. AJ Tracey - Ascend


copped ruff sqwad - i’m from a place

was tempted by digidesign/you don’t know what love is, but every time the vocoder comes in on that b side I get such an anti boner, it’s horrible, swear people love that tune as well

digidesign’s a classic tho


Tectonic plates vol 1
big up tectonic releasing some old tunes on there, really happy digital mystikz molten is on there didnt want to pay discogs price for it,


Yeah well happy about it too, loads of bits crossed off my discogs want list, big up pinch


Yeah big up Pinch. If you’re wondering Redeye should have that comp on the 21st or 22nd


Las - Uuha/Witch Doctor
Applelim & Peverelist - Soundboy’s Ashes Get Hacked Up And Spat Out In Disgust
Shackleton/Mordant Music - I Want to Eat You/Hummdrumm
Shackleton/Mordant Music - El Din (Part One)/Olde Wobbly

edit -
also forgot about this
D1 - I Believe


coki-tortured/shattered (w/label)


Kromestar – Mere Sher (VIP / Danny Scrilla Remix)
Lemzly Dale - No Long Talk / Kahn & Neek Remix
D-Operation Drop - Trident / Common Rules
TMSV - Fission Chips / Sound System
Mikael - Wildfire / Lintumies
Lyeform - Stigma / Lyeform - Stigma (TMSV Remix)
Malleus - No Harm / No Harm ( PART2STYLE Remix)


D1 - V3
Brackles - Rawkus
G.O.D. Featuring Frankie Paul - Kissing Game
Doc Daneeka - Murdah Strings
Legowelt - Sampling Winter
M Series - CP3
RSD - Corner Dub (Blue & Red Mix) / Pretty Bright Light
G.O.D. - Limited Two
Soul II Soul - Pleasure Dome (Booker T remix)
Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah (Kaoz Club Mix)
St Germain - Alabama Blues (Todd Edwards Dub Mix)
Tuff Jam - Dangerous (Unda-Vybe Dub)


Tempa 100 fills a few holes like Coki’s Tortured
& picked up a copy of Alice Russell’s ahead-of-2004 double LP Under the Munka Moon
to which Quantic, for once, made a nice contribution.
Saw Mark Pritchard’s new album, tanatalizingly described as psychedelic…for next time in town.


Haven’t bought it, but I found this interesting.


they should do with compa’s face on the next 15 compa medi releases


This is the future of dubstep, this is how the scene will be saved


Various - Peach Bits vol. 4
LAS/Gantz - Firepusher EP
Magnetic Man - Cyberman
Jon E Cash - Kamikaze
Musical Mobb - Pulse Xtra/Pulse Y rmx
Frett - Runnin’
That new Mikael on Innamind
K Man - Blink/Power Drill