What record/etc. did you just buy?


Yeah I’m not that bothered about 1 and 2 tbh, still want 4, 5 and 11 tho…and a legit 7 would be nice, so expensive that one tho


Theres just too many to comment on


I’d be happy with hunter, mud and ancient memories tbh. Any other release (while sick to have) would really just be me copping for the sake of it


2 is one of the best.


it’s a matter of personal opinion i guess, I just don’t really rate it tbh, it’s ok but there are others I still haven’t got that I prefer.


i’d quite like a copy of 3

but atm I need blue notez, lean fwd, learn

in that order

big up that bootleg of 7, one of my favourite plates


I got my copy of 003 for free :corndance:
002 would be a dream. Lost City was one of the tunes that got me into camp DMZ, along with Haunted.

To keep us on topic, I bagged a copy of the Double Clapperz white label yesterday :gunfinger:



^Those are the best
It’s nice to have them all though i guess :fro:


was in soho and popped into reckless

copped distance - victim support, loefah - it’s yours, and mrk1 - devilman/plodder

for 19£


been after these a while too


Reckless every once in a while comes through.


The bootleg is actually quite cool cos it has an intro on each side taken from an interview of mala talking about the track that’s coming in


true, but sometimes it’s like shuuut up mark I need to mix in haunted now.

the colours on it look so good too

never noticed it sounding worse than any legit ones I have tbh but I’ve never directly compared


I use it during my DMZ worship sessions to mix in samples of the prophet speaking :praise:


I want mala to visit the forum again to see all the shit we say about him


Seems like a good day for DSF

Went digging down in deptford and grabbed 15+ solid garage bits, loads of Ramsey & Fen, Gurley, D’n’D, Bump n Flex etc - 40 quid all in - noice

Even had another copy of Menta - Ramp for 6 quid might have to go back and get as the press/sleeve is different to mine/Ninjas get down there

Then got Calyx & Teenee - Follow The Leader for 2! Pounds in some old boys antique shop next door


Also nearly shat it when i thought i saw Meditation/Warp Drive for a fiver in NM condition

Was the remixes though :frowning:


is that to replace the lot ive acquired from you? :onethumb:


Noooooooo ill get them promise


Where in deptford?


Those are the only 3 that I’m missing as well. Fully expecting to never own them.