What record/etc. did you just buy?


The Redders EP out on Critical.


Deptford Vinyl,

Just off Tanners Hill/round the corner from Bunker if you know that venue




ive got a pretty scratchy copy

fucking goat material jungle tho


Mala - Stand Against War // Maintain Thru Madness


man i miss old tempa


Pulp Fiction soundtrack
John Coltrane - Blue Train


Dj Garna Chun Li pre order up now



Ordered/arrived over the past couple weeks:

Djrum - Forgetting EP
Djrum - LA EP
Djrum - Space Race EP
Eva808 - Psycho Sushi
Kahn & Neek - Bandulu EP (Originally ordered Kaiju - Burn Down Babylon but by some happy accident the parcel went missing and they were nice enough to replace it with BANDULU005, Big up RwdFwd :gunfinger:)
Synkro - Changes Remix EP
Ancestral Voices ‎– Night Of Visions - Remixed / Part 1
Various ‎– Horo Remixed
Comit ‎– Under Your Spell / Contact High
Mala - Mirrors
Karma ‎– How Ya Feel / Smear Dub RP
Kaiju LP


I feel bad saying this, but a RwdFwd parcel getting lost is probably the best mistake that can happen. It only happened to me once, but they’ve been superquick to send out a replacement and even added some free records! (among which was an Augustus Pablo compilation :gunfinger: )

Eternal love for RwdFwd.


mala-in luv


Yeah they’re the safest bunch I’ve bought from, they always add the personal touch like stickers in the parcel or random hand-written messages on it. Not that it makes too much difference, but it is a nice touch.


Haha that is a proper touch, big up

Is ur smear dub the repress? If so is it warped?


Lumpy & The Dumpers - Huff My Sack

Album of the year so far no question


Basic channel - Lyot Rmx
Burial Mix - Ruff Way
Wiley - Step 2001
Mrk1 - Slope / Grit


I haven’t actually gotten my copy yet, although the postman did leave a message in my letterbox for me to come pick up a package so hopefully I can go pick it up tomorrow and it’ll be the RP so I can check.


lol typically just after I copped on scogs…


didn’t realise Zhou was a pseudonym for ishan and jabu either


Unfortunately, my copy is warped as well :confounded:


Mine is so warped I could skate that shit like a half pipe. WTF Vivek? Quality control your shit!


whoa mind blown, had no idea that was Ishan and Jabu


<-- truhed