What record/etc. did you just buy?


Underground Resistance - The Final Frontier
Mad Mike - Hi Tech Dreams EP
Underground Resistance - World 2 World
Monolake - Cyan


Jstar - Extra Playa

Ranking Toyan - Bully Dread

Kambo Super Sound - Kambo Super Dub


placed into my reserves


Got 3 vinyls in the mail today… Unlike the last batch this was mosty DnB instead of Happy Hardcore. All of it is shit i couldnt find in hi quality on the internet.

I got:

Jonny L - Back to your roots (original mix) 2005
The Militia - Let Loose 2004
Secret Motion - Loose Her (Cloud Nine Remix) 1997

I always play Back to your roots(friction remix) in my sets but i never had a chance to play the original version. Loose Her would be dope for liquid dnb sets i may do in the future.

I was planning to get a bunch of oldschool grime instrumentals and tracks but the sellers all reported that they were sold out when i tried to order.


Copped quite a bit last 2 weeks…

Equiknoxx - Bird Sound Power
Mala - Eyez VIP
Terrafonix - Path of Jah/Zoned
Synkro - Mean Streets part III
TCP Archives #01 - Yesyoah/Jzzflip
Roni Size - Time Stretch/Phizical
Wildcookie - Cookie Dough
LAS - Gunfam/This Morning
J:Kenzo - zamzam44
Versa - zamzam43
Ramadanman - Void 23
?=3 - Believers/Here Before
Odeja Penn - Lost Funk & Disco Gems volume 6
Djrum - Forgetting EP
Jabu x SKRS OranVIP / Bwoy Test VIP
Zomby & Burial - Sweetz
Tremble - Penetentiary Dub/Trouble


I spy with my little eyez


that equiknoxx record is so good, been in heavy rotation here lately


Yeah. Made my day finding it yesterday in a recordstore together with the Synkro record. Slept on it when it was in Redeye and rwdfwd.
Too bad my kitten broke one of my needles off so I couldnt mix yet… Test me again and ill drop u on ebay :thinking:


Yeh worth just auto buying DDS records tbh. If they had a subscription service I’d be down.


Finallyyyy copped this today:

And added in a copy of this to justify shipping a bit more hehe:


Macker - Untitled / Kubrick
Bukez Finest - The Main Rule / Unknown Force
Band shell - Dust March
Willow - workshop 023
Pavel Milyakov - Yalta ( LP on that confusing Russian techno label )


AIR (1971) - Air

Big reissue! was pricey but yeah worth it imo


Out of stock already!


it was on redeye and also direct from the label if that helps, it just came about a few quid cheaper on juno


Winsome - Untitled / Untitled SUG001
Goth-Trad - Sinker/Sunbeam VIP (fiver on rwdfwd, woop)


Bought a lot over the couple past weeks.

Slackk - Palm Tree Fire (it was on sale for like 5 GBP on Redeye, sold out right now)
Yaroze Dream Suite EP on Local Action
Tokyo Drift / Pulse J VIP - Shout out @Jook, So glad to cop this. I was so gassed when I wasn’t able to cop it half a year ago. :triumph:
Silk Road Assassins - Deadcell / 3M Kunai :cry:
Impey - Midnight in Little Havana
Strict Face - Rain Cuts EP


Some tunes i bought:

Culture Freeman - The Fittest
Convextion - 2845
Eomac - Bedouin Trax
Pearson sound - XLB
Hodge/Bruce – Pev & Hodge Remixes (armor fati remix)
Jook - Tokyo Drift/Pulse J
Bisweed - Steampunk vol. 2


Tons of Tunage in the past month:

Ishan Sound - Militant Dubplate Hotline 008.1
Amar - AU AMAR006
Amar - Amit AMAR008
Amar - AMAR007
Amar - Amit ANAR 003EP
Gourmet Beats - Fill Spectre GB 004
Gourmet Beats - Bisweed GB 006
Wu Yen - Noire E.P (cute little USB Stick)

Batu, Numen / Cazz - Hotline HOTLINE007 (inbound)
SYSTM005 - (on its way) <---- So stoked for this one!

Thats the past month. I have more lined up its been a good year!


This weekend was good for record shopping.

Deviere - Vendredi
Virgo Four - It’s A Crime (Hunee & Caribou remixes)
Yaleesa Hall x Malin Genie - Carol
LL - Ombu
Willow - Workshop 23
Maayan Nidam - Deep Under Sobriety Regime (Perlon’s on a roll atm)
San Proper - L.O.V.E. Pt. 2


that willow plate is very gut