What record/etc. did you just buy?


Dillinja, Soul control / Unexplored terrain - V Recordings UK, VRECUK 016

Headland / Sepia, Headland - Local / Sepia - Amber : Well Rounded Dubs, WRDUBS02

District - Drowsy, District - Drowsy / District - Street Knowledge : Chestplate, CHST039

Sleeper - Crushin EP, Girl Scout Cookies / Akai Headbutt / Crushin / Ghosts : Crucial Recordings, CRUCIAL007

The Bug - Box / Iceman Ft D Double E & Riko Dan, Box ft D Double E / Box (Instrumental) / Iceman ft Riko Dan / Iceman (Instrumental) : Ninja Tune ZEN12435

Ilk & Etch, My Soul / My Soul (Danny Scrilla remix) : Halogen Music, HM010

Krust , Jazz note / Burning - V


That formatting tho :gunfinger:


copy paste from redeye email haha


btw Zomby - Where Were U In '92 repress up on redeye, if anyone’s interested.


glad i sold mine for 30 quid :slight_smile:


Skream - Skreamizm Vol.2
Cyrus & Tunnidge - Lights/Ding Ding
Cyrus - From the Shadows (Plate 1)


Versa - A Midsummer Night’s Dub
Smoke Signals - 7", A Very Powerful Spell ( I don’t know why but I really like this one)
Appleblim - Minus Degree
Benton - The Calling
Dub Dynasty - Dub Cure
Beat Pharmacy - Beach Dub
Various - MS0.1
Various - The Nine Bows EP ( Some deep house stuff. Pretty good for only 3 pounds at juno)


Jamie Woon’s latest LP Making Time
very different from the last
not as good but bravely jazzy, even cabaret touches :uhhh:
so I don’t want to like it or enjoy it
but fuck it
it’s so uncool but so well played
that my self-respect takes a back seat to appreciating his evolution.


Been purchasing very few records over the past months even tho Brexit’s lessening the prices for me.

Last Japan & AJ Tracey - Ascend
Inkke - Secret Palace
Nights - Seawolf Bootleg / Angels Fell


Just arrived today, mint copy of Tinchy Stryder’s I’m Back U Know!!


not bought anything in ages :confused:

Bought The Coment is Coming’s LP and EP a month back or so tho


How shit is box tho??


So bad.


is it really? not checked it out


Portishead - Dummy



Versa - A Midsummer Night’s Dub/Trimorphic


Joe - Untitled / Digest
Aardvarck - Bloom 001


Picking up the pace on purchases.

Bwana - Capsule’s Pride
Gundam - Intimate / Too Late
DAWN - Not Above That
Kuedo - Assertion of a Surrounding Presence


Just copped a test pressing of Von D - Analog Sound and Egoless - Bubble Bath.

SO GOOD http://scotchbonnet.net/shop/product.php?id_product=2324


big ups for the heads up :salute: