What record/etc. did you just buy?




Definitely haha


I did yes


Extremely late but I don’t care
Gants - Witch Blues ep
Nubian Dub - Dj Madd/Egoless remixes


an upshot of being arrogant & boorish
can be that your would-be friends
mightn’t risk telling you that your work is bereft of ideas
and full of unconvincing bombast.

Some well-produced bass,
a chiptune unresolved by noodling…
a final track that begins to evoke a depth of feeling
yet falls stagnant for lack of progress
do not an album of distinction make.


Digging the new K-Man plate!



ExitVS004, 005, 006
that dBridge & Calibre - Christiansen is viiiiiibes


Just sent a payment on discogs for

Sasquatch (5) / Sarantis ‎– Omertà / Fetish SENSELESS 004

and two mint copies of
Trolley Snatcha ‎– Subtext EP DP061

Can’t wait for them to get here and join my bass collection!


Yamaneko - Project Nautilus

Silk Road Assassins - Deadcell (2nd copy of this lol)

Dark0 - Oceana


Over the past month or so…

DJ Deeon - Who-U-Wit
Starmachine - Starmachine House Edits
Kromestar / Genetix (10) - Straight Error / Just In Case
Jay Daniel - School Dance EP
Val G - Val G EP
Marshall Applewhite X The Friend - A/S/L
Andrés - Mighty Tribe
Egoless - I’m From The Balkans
Sir Spyro - Topper Top
Yaleesa Hall, Malin - Carol
Don Papa / Kambo Super Sound - Coming To My Yard / Kambo Super Dub
Tapes & DJ Sotofett - Dub Happy / Dubaton


Kelis - Millionaire
Beyonce - Videophone

They’re highlights from discogs. Got a redeye order sat as well.


Is this a scam?

Somebody wants to trade my beige copy of Bjork’s Debut for their allegedly metallic gold copy. I haven’t ben able to find any information on a gold pressing of this record.

Here are some photos:

Should I risk it?


I recently bough Tritonal latest album Paining with dreams and got to see them last friday at club Gilt in Orlando. I am very tempted to buy an Orlando EDC ticket for this friday and the new Neutron plugin.


He wouldn’t want to trade it if it was mint or there was nothing wrong with it or if it wasn’t as good as the original from a neurotic collector point of view at least imo.


theres no mention of a gold vinyl version on discogs…and there would be if there was one - record collectors are anoraks. It looks like the same beige one as yours tbh…


Yea plus sometimes with colored vinyl they don’t get he color mix right on a few units at the start or end of the run and the color can be darker or lighter or for xample the marble effect can be poorly mixed on some units amd it juat looks lile one color. In this case beige with a darker hue that you could try and pass as gold. Probs the exact same record with some defect or use on it that he doesn’t like and he’s being a gypsie.


She actually decided not to trade after not liking the shade of mine.

I have emailed the label, yet to hear a reply.


What a binary cis cont…


Tempa 100
Commodo - how what time
Sorrow - arisen ep


Randomer - Bring / Curtains finally.
Also curtains is better than bring