What record/etc. did you just buy?




Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass / Drop Top Caddy
Roni Size - Phizical (Ray Keith remix) / Timestretch (Origin Unknown remix)
Major Thunder - Big Fight
Dave Wallace - Future Realities
Indica’s Rhythm - Dimensions / Stuck in my mind remix
Underwolves - So Blue Its Black (Peshay & Photek / Origin Unknown remix)
Noise & Paradox - Timeless existence/ soundtrack for the tenth planet
More Rockers - You’re Gonna (Make Me)
Psion - Black Dawn / S4
Innervisions - in the shadow / digital readout
Swabe - Will O’ The Wisp
Armand Van Helden - ultrafunkula (Ganja Kru remix)
Special Forces - Sidewinder / the end (remix)
Blue - Initiate / Lockdown
Smoke Starr - Moonwalk / friendship
MK II - Initial Contact
Basic Rhythm - Slewage


Been stocking up on so much jungle and dnb this month…one of my favourite most-recent cops…that second drop is just too dutty


Joe - Untitled / Digest (my last order of this was canceled)
Blawan - Fram / Iddy
Gantz - U Won’t Mind / Thelem Remix
Commodo - F_ck Mountain / Good Grief
Silkies - It Wasn’t You



Ulrika Spacek - The Album Paranoia
Moon Duo - Shadow of the Sun
Chocolat - Rencontrer Looloo

That last one is something special. Music lives up to the promise of the artwork.


Joker/Rustie - Play Doe/Tempered
Various Artists - Tempa Allstars Vol.4
DJG - Say Something/Here Come The Dark Lights
Distance - Replicant/Dark Crystal/Roots
Coki - Square Off/Warlord Riddim


square off



underrated plate :gunfinger:


Yeah Square Off is an underrated classic


Just ordered J:Kenzo’s LP from unearthed. Seems they got more of those represses in stock! http://www.unearthedsounds.co.uk/products/j-kenzo-j-kenzo-2x12-vinyl-lp

Also they have more Skreamizm Vol 5’s now too.


Burial - Young Death / Nightmarket


is there any audio somewhere?


lol where?




Been after it for a while, saw it for a tenner so couldn’t pass that up


In my imagination

Should up for sale next week tho :wink:


v cheeky


Havnt plenty of us said Hyperdub 100 would be by thier sponsor Burial :wink:


Nthng - Remember Us
R&S ft. Tikiman - Why
Route Five ft. Tikiman - Na Fe Throw It