What record/etc. did you just buy?


amongst others, this beauty.


That d’Angelo messiah lp is a percy


Totally. I pirated it the day it came out and it’s become my most-listened to album of the past two years; figured I should pay my dues. :lol_og:


Wasn’t really into it myself. Got some good LPs on that list though!


I need to go on an LP binge. They’ve been neglected this year.


Yeah, that’s how I felt. Very rewarding tbh.


Bruno Mars XXIV Magic :gunfinger::cornzoom::gunfinger:

xmas pressie for the missus, truhed status remains intact


There’s an Elgato - Blue repress in Jan apparently. Every time I’m about to send my redeye reserves another record pops up on the horizon ffs


One of my favorite hessle releases.


I swear Hessle never repress the tunes I actually miss in my collection. :corncry:


yeah i swear i bought like all those tunes they recently repressed when the repressed them in 2014…need router/you&i


Last Few Months Or So:

Kahn & Neek - FABRICLIVE90
Zomby - With Love
Marcel Dettmann - fabric 77


Seekers International meets MX7 ‎– Inna Dancehall Showdown


Seekers is top notch


Submerse - Works (2 X LP)

First record of the year.

Would’ve copped Karma - Terrorist as my first (and only) dubstep last year but it sold out.


Seen a few people say Terrorist is the only dubstep bit they’ve bought in '16, but I thought Ago’s Backlash EP on Subaltern was a high quality release as well. Have you heard that one?


Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus …and loads of other bits I cba to post :badteeth:


I think there were multiple good releases i copped this year. Zamzam plates,(blind prophet and versa ones are ace) macker, Headhunter, Causa (the artikal plate), epoch - glock jump to name a few. I feel that the hype in dubstep is always around 1 or 2 labels and people dont check much else - like with innamind this year. They released a lot of good tunes this year so cannot blame them tbf.


Paleman - Talk Louder (kinda cheesy but one of my favs from 2016) and some berceuse heroque bits.


new facta on ancient monarchy, sweet sixteen is an absolute belter, wish it was longer though