What record/etc. did you just buy?


Been paying almost no attention to dubstep-only labels during 2016… Tempa and Tectonic had some nice non-dubstep stuff though. Topper Top was an instacop for me although it’s not dubstep.


shackleton - deadman
fis - from patterns to details
rhythmic theory - circulation
ossia - red x
simo cell - gliding
hodge - body drive
demdike stare vs. hype williams - shangaan electro
alan johnson - goron sound
basic channel - q loop / mutism

^ yes yes


sniffing around discogs and copped Headz EP and DJ Shadow’s Preemptive Strike on vinyl for less than a score :smile:


Recently copped shit:

Karma - Terrorist EP
JahYu - Circumfluent Spirits EP
Kode9, Benny Ill & The Culprit - Fat Larry’s Skank/Remix
Ago - Backlash EP
NUMBer/Sibla - aether/Trial
Tetrad - Eazy Street/Cyclopian Version
Tetrad - Awaken Dub/Turn 1


Just got back from a spree at Rush Hour.
Didn’t even know Workshop released an Ibrahim Alfa lp. Listened to 5 seconds of it
and bought it immediately.

Ibrahim Alfa - Hidden By The Leaves
Unit Moebius - Bunker 002
Inkamera - Time Rewind (stripped back electro goodness)
Yves de Mey - Late Night Patching 1
Marco Bernardi - Floating
Various - Don’t Be Afraid 24.5 (a.o. a high gear fever dream induced tune by Karen Gwyer)
Patrik Sjeren - Inta 001
Sebastian Voigt - Capitao Pinto


I love Yves de Mey but always think 1 album covers all his bases.

Someone mentioned Berceuse Heroique—they had a strong year with good records and very little hype all around. Same for BEB tbh.


Yeah I think I have two EPs now. It’s really straightforward stuff, but it’s great
in dj sets. If you have like a really clean (dub) techno track that’s mostly focused
on low end, you can basically add some quirkiness with an Yves de Mey bit.

Not saying it’s just dj tools, but I use them in that way ; )


So good


while im on a dj shadow vibe i just copped the endtroducing 180g repress off scogs too, mint, unplayed, sealed for 17 quid :grinning:


Aphex Twin - Cheetah
Calibre - Shelflife 4


Suicide - A way of life
Sibylle Baier - Colour Green

Both of these were relatively hard to source In the UK for a decent price but eBay came through surprisingly


not sure which ones you’re after but theres a bunch on redeye rn (the objekt one, both elgato, etc)

also randomly stumbled on this in a shop, instacopped, highly recommended on a afx circa selected ambient works tip


Few members still follow dubstep releases around here. There isn’t a lot going on though, so that’s understandable

My 5 favourite plates of 2016:
Causa - Undubbed EP
Ago - Backlash EP
Sleeper - Burn Finger EP
Headhunter - Atijo / Inà
Sub Basics - Give Dem


Illum Sphere’s last lp was the only decent record I saw in a country music store. It’s better than I expected.
Meanwhile, having listened to the following:
DIIV’s is the is are lp
The Besnard Lakes’ A Coliseum Complex Museum lp
I suggest you don’t.
Pap, stodge & drivel for most part.
d d don’t believe the hype.


How is the record scene over there @nuSD5? Theres actually a few Oz records I want but the shipping on them is mental (understandably)


Tell u tomorrow sport. Visiting Record Store & Red Eye in Sydney.


Looking forward to this turning up


Bought a few in the last few months. . . .
Favourite labels besides my own (being biased)



good shout actually. could’ve been way worse.


vinyl last week:
DJ Madd’s Peng Teng etc on Roots & Future
Biz’s Method EP on Cliq
the beautiful Live at Fairfield Amphitheatre,
(in Melbun)
two track album of Sleep D.

did I just hear Obama reference to 2pac?

whilst I know I missed D-Bridge & MarkN.
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