What record/etc. did you just buy?


i did not go in on the £40 or whatever madness version tho :cornlol:



they owe you


I want to so bad but I’m broke :crying:


Man I’ve been there. But let me tell you, once you start getting some good money buying records becomes only a a bit less frustrating.


On the bright side…
So Inagawa - Logo Queen
Social 07
Ramadanman - Glut / Tempest
Unknown Artist - Ode #ff0099
(The pink one)


I kinda feel bad playing Logo Queen because it’s really rinsed. But usually I end up playing it anyways because it’s so beautiful and everybody still loves it.


Man what it costs me £18 :confused: stupid VAT.

They have a 180g double pressing as well but yeah its like £35 or something.


Saw that too, but decided I’d be fine with the standard issue, assuming it’s well mastered anyway.

If it isn’t I’lll break their nose.


Trancesetters - Fantasising or Hallucinating?
Lowtec - 10 Strikes To 2001
Lowtec - In Fail We Trust
Eduardo De La Calle - H F Version
Simon Fisher Turner - Shishapangama



Alix Perez - Chroma Chords
D-Bridge & Loxy & Resound - Average Echo / Heritage
Kahn / Commodo - Fierce (Commodo Remix) / S Is For Snakes
Las - Gunfam / This Morning
Silkie - It Wasnt You
Chimpo / Plastician / Mark One - Kryptonite / Unhappy Shopper / Doomed
Mark One - Never Warned
Tes La Rok - Roll Out / Lickshot
Tes La Rok - Uprise / Kill Dem
Headhunter - Initiate EP
Joker / TRG - Snake Eater / Move Dis
Matty G - West Coast Rocks


:gunfinger: Big one off the wantlist for me


over the last 6 months or so:

ASC - Geocentric Systems
ASC - Zone Of Avoidance
ASC - Internal Software
Ancestral Voices - Yantra
Ancestral Voices - Old Earth Voodoo
Burial - Burial repress
Burial - Untrue repress
Elemnt - Water
Elemnt - Elemnts
Ena ‎– Divided: Body
Ena ‎– Divided: Mind
Karma - Terrorist
Kahn / Commodo ‎– Fierce (Commodo Remix) / S Is For Snakes
Kangding Ray - Hyper Opal Mantis
Las - Gunfam / This Morning
Oscar Mulero - Spatial Sequence Synthesia
Sigha - Christ Figures / New Puritan
Unknown Artist ‎– Grey Area, Volume Five (bought 2 copies accidentally, anybody interested?)


El Mahdy Jr - Time to sell the golden teeth :gunfinger:


Got a lot of records in the redeye 40% off section, but this includes all the records over the past 3 months or so:
Weightless Vol. 2
Spokes - Green Eyes EP
T_A_M - Watty
Faze Miyake S/T LP
Mercy & Audialist - On My Mind
Forever - Hymn EP
V1984 - Pansori


Kailin - Fracture
Toasty - Metal
Simo Cell / Don’t DJ / K-LONE – On Line Vol.1
Joy Orbison - Toss Portal EP
Pearson Sound - XLB
Laksa - 66 Rebels
Moresounds - Mutation Experts EP
K.M.D. - Peachfuzz


Is that the right sleeve? Thought it was more yellow…


No it’s the Strategy one. I thought it was some kind of test press at first. Def the right tunes at least…


I’ve got the same issue only mines got the sleeve from the Badawi/Ladyman release, drives me madddd!!

Can’t be arsed to fork out £20 just for the sleeve though!!


Logos - Glass (Boylan Devils Mix)
Hodge - Mind Games / Flashback (Repress)
Person of Interest - Boost The Whip (95 Mix)
Overmono - Arla II


Same, I complained and they sent me another one out so I’ve got one in the proper cover and one in the Badawi release :blazing: