What record/etc. did you just buy?


You should send Zamzam a message. They might just have the right sleeve to send to ya.


Mayhem - Deathcrush
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas


Few gems from the pressure sounds stall down spitalfields. Sort of went in blind and picked a few based on the names on the record:

Mike Brooks & The Roots Radics ‎– Love And Broad Highway / Long Long Time
Yabby You - Tell Us Our Past History
Lee Perry/Diggory Kendrick/Addis Pablo - Chim Cherie Rock (this is absolutely killer. Prob gonna upload a one or two versions when I can)


Nabbed that 75dollar record for £13 which is nearly £16 less than new which is a touch as its an American record.

Ofcourse i spent that saving picking random bits he had for sale that sounded interesting haha


Kid Lib & Tim Reaper- The Amen Therapy EP [GBW007]
Phineus II - The Bells Of Eden EP [GBW006]
Ranking Dread - Girls Fiesta
Egoless & Tenor Youthman - Non-Immigrant Song
Alpha & Omega feat. Nishka- It’s Alright
Kahn - Fierce (Commodo Remix)


something different


Letta - Redemption
Lloyd SB - Boida Flare


Macka B - Our Music
Soothsayers Horns - Goodnight Rico
Solo Banton Feat. Sabrina Bell / Parly B - Empress
DJ Madd - Kunta Kinte 2017 Riddim
STEPART - Playground
IJAHMAN - Africa


Gramaphone Records Chicago Haul! :twothumbsup:

Various - Rocksteady Disco All-Stars Vol. 1
Unknown Artist - Chicago Mega Mix (Part 1)
Peter Croce - Revival (Rocksteady Disco - RSD005)
Various - Ulithi (Micronesia - mcrns02)
Brawther - Soothing (Cabinet Records - cab 48)
Jerome.c - Agnes 5 (abartik - ABA002)
Secret Squirrel - Secret Squirrels #14
Juxta Position - Juxta Position Vol. 2 (Mistress Recordings - HU-MR07-SH)
Titonton Duvanté - Licentious EP (God Particle - GOPA06)
Various - Down to Business (Vessel Records (2) - VES006)


Mark Pritchard - Elephant Dub/Heavy As Stone :shabbba:
Captain Ganja and the Space Patrol
Nomine - Blind Man


Objekt - Objekt #1
K-Lone & Ill Chill - Rare Jewels EP
Wisdom Teeth - On Line Vol. 1
Deadboy - Earth Body


Just arrived:


finally found a copy of the Anti-Nowhere League’s 1983 Live in Yugoslavia album in excellent nick.


Jakes/Darqwan - Time Ends/Jahwan
Cluekid - Spider Monkey/Rainy Street Light
Hijak - Butcha/Tears




Been after it for ages but kept putting it off for whatever reason, think it used to be going for silly prices


Shame Chemical Records went under, there was constant represses of black box/box clever releases on there.


Still gutted I missed that closing down sale


Turns out I had more money that expected and I lack self control so:

Objekt - The Goose That Got Away/Tinderbox
Ben Verse - Dark Star/Good Feeling
Quantum Soul - Evocation/Monsoon
Folding City - Ice Riddim EP
Gatekeeper - Atmosphere Processor/Let Us In
Orson - White Nights/Rise 6
Dillinja - The Angels Fell (RM, RP)


AFRICA IS NOT A COUNTRY VOL. 1 - Va - Fuji / Liquid Lagos / Listen To The Beats Of Your Heart / Who Own The Land

got this a few weeks ago, the last tune is an absolute banger