What record/etc. did you just buy?


Ah I’d gone by then. Surprised Kingfisher lasted that long tbh saw some heads in there handling it when I was off

Nice to cop some oldies seeing as my 'Scogs is banned…

Chefal - Electro Basement is some crossover shit -


how’d you manage to get banned from scogs? lol


drunken discogs regret IRRC


Ugh long

Basically someone ordered a Bonobo box set off me when I was moving house & reported me for not responding (no money changed hands)

By the time I got thru all my emails/sorted my new house my account was suspended. All seems fine right, well now my ye olde hotmail account I signed up to Discogs with is blocked too due to a suspected hack so I can’t even recover it :blush: :blush:

4 the wax/depop here I come

On a side note - just scrolled through 'scogs and every other Medi from the past 3 years is going for 30+ now, jesus…Realised im sitting on a sealed copy of Commodo/Kahn/Gantz EP too


Yeah I look from time to time and I swear these records increase in value faster then precious metals.

I finally had karma terrorist arrive and added it to disco dogs to find it’s like £50 now. Mad.


Wtf it was going for retail price a month or two ago haha


the dubestep record economy has been busted for so long haha

people arent even playin em in clubs, they are just objects of desire for the most part
(I see u American guy wearing a Truth hat and posting comments on youtube about the glory days of dubstep)

the best part is that some of the absolute best dubstep trax are still like $5-10 on cogs unless ur trying to be a deep medi cover band act

$2.50 lol and this plate will test a system properly


But I wanna be like mala :crying:


Yeah true salient points all round team

If you look close the inflated labels are the hype/pillar labels: Medi, Innamind, System, Bandulu

Still can get good prices on Tempas even, let alone Apple Pips/3024/Tectonic/Kapsize/Hyperdub/Hemlock which seem to have remained fairly consistent (bar a few plates) since I started buying 2nd hand 140 vinyl

Surely a correlation that in the second label listed I can think of only 1 DJ from those labels who plays all vinyl/dubplate (Pinch) whilst the other list you have bare (Mala, GT, K&N, Vivek, Karma, -He Who Shall Not Be Named- Compa) must be some aspect of the vinyl fetishism/object of desire like stated above…?


and still de digi warriors are doing a better job of repressing & keeping the supply flowing :lol_og: it’s a bit ridiculous.


Moodymann - Mahogany Brown
Joe - Slope


All about the low key bangers. I feel like if a random ‘head’ was to go through my 140 stuff they’d largely be thinking ‘what the fuck is all this’, and I kinda like that.


Never played minty fresh

DMZ 21 Education / Horrid Henry
DMZ 22 Marduk / Enter Dimensions

Very reasonably priced


Commodo - Space Cash
Ago - So Mi Seh
Coki - Wah Dem A Do/Emergency
Mikael - Smiling Face
OBF - Gorgon Sound Remixes
Karma - Static


Apart from Skeptical :weary:


Big big big re-issue!


Bungle- Cocooned
Response & Pliskin Feat. Digital - Peeping Tom
Spirit- Fathoms
Coco Bryce- Raid/JBB

Moonshine Recordings Presents: Joint Forces Pt 3, DTR & Akcept - Liberation Cry


New Etch record is so sick. And not just the tunes. A lot of care’s gone into it :onethumb:


lol i created the discogs entry when mine turned up as it wasn’t on there yet and etch himself edited it to change the default pic…fresh release tho


Does yours have some brown specks in the vinyl? It looks like dried blood or tobacco got pressed in lol