What record/etc. did you just buy?


Black Merlin BH repress and an Early Dont DJ BH ep.


Anthony Naples - Us Mix
v/a - Immaculate Inception EP (feat. DJ Qu, Joey Anderson etc.)
FP197 - Raw Trax Vol.1
Convextion - 2845 LP
E.R.P. - New Road
DJ Sotofett - Borft EP
The Other People Place - Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café LP
Paul Hester - The Voyage / Subsonic Interference
Juniper - Aramaic EP
Axel Boman - Geeks / Voodoo
Skipson - Plastek EP
Objekt - Objekt #4
Dresvn - Acido 25
Kenji Kawai - Ghost In The Shell OST
v/a - Mono No Aware LP (PAN allstar lineup)
Hymns - Waves of Nothing EP
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Kulthan
Steve Poindexter - Work That Muthafucka



Me Cambridge Audio amp ain’t playing phono. Carnt play me latest acquisitions. Acid, Platypi & 70s u/g.


like Inertia’s Vellum on Future Groove
sorry digiphomes
’s abi sloppy
bu Polydor sampler no
After midnight
Taste Cream
whistle Thunderclap
for ToneWilliam’s lifetime
five Ted Nugent
six the farkin oo?
seven Endrix onthe watchtowr


New Eva808 EP, the melodic bits are so nice man.
Also this as it’s going for reasonable prices


Tony Williams Lifetime?
The album Believe It is :loud_sound: :cannon:


Karma - Static/Jade Pit
Flowdan - Disaster Piece
Mungo’s HiFi ft Johnny Clarke - Rain Keeps Falling/Shower Dub


SYSTEMWIDE (Alter Echo mix & Dubkasm remix) - Low Orbit (Alter Echo Mix) / Liberation (Dubkasm Mix)
Oxóssi - Escher EP - Escher / & / Fall Of Mevia / Nightmares
Etch (Clear 7’’) - Synapse Cluster / Labyrinthian Contours
Rhythm & Sound - Music A Fe Rule (Part 1) / Music A Fe Rule (Part 2)
Rhythm & Sound - Mango Walk / (Dubwise Version) / Mango Drive
Detu - Bun Down Babylon / Bun Down Babylon (Bukkha Remix) / Origination Dub / Origination Dub (Bukkha Remix)
El Mahdy Jr - Last Breath / Last Deal : ZamZam Sounds, ZamZam 21
El Mahdy Jr. - Time To Sell The Gold Teeth LP
Da Poet - Beat Tape 2
Jonah Freed - Dream Sequence EP
Sleeper x Mesck x Thelem - Ghettonomics EP
Various - Headz (A Soundtrack Of Experimental Beathead Jams.)
UB40 - Don’t Slow Down / Don’t Let It Pass You By
Headhunter (9) - Prototype
DubDiggerz - Le Hospital EP
Toasty - The Knowledge / Like Sun
Tradition - Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol (Bokeh Versions - BKV009)
Cham* - Ghetto Story
Zygos - Shivering
EVA808 - Oyuki EP
ENV007.1 - SAMBA - SADIST (Chokez & Trisicloplox Remixes)


Ago - Backlash EP
Jonah Freed - Dream Sequence EP
Siskiyou - Mantis/Afterlife
Proxima - Thermal Vision/Valve Wars


Finally got this pressed. Had Karma play at my night in Derby a few years back and he (very kindly) hooked me up with Smear Dub VIP and Rush Hour. Big up Karma :salute:


You lucky guy


I’m sure karma wouldn’t mind if u shared those digis! :badteeth:


This is why I love this scene. All about the music.


Finally one of my all time favourites
2562 - Aerial


Ahhh dat karma VIP, arm fling personal.

Well played

Hit the Container Records dubstep drop in Brixton today, picked up some gullyfied good stuff at reasonable prices, sorry if u were any of the 4 other Gs in there when it opened cus I fully incisored through the stacks and got all the gd shit except for Kingfisher which lives to fight another day

Deleted Scenes - Memory Loss
Gothy T - Back To Chill
Coki - Bloodthirst
Benny Ill vs Hatcha - Special EP
Cotti - I Don’t Give A Dub
Distance & Skream - Wise Man
Kromestar - Bully/Hungry Dub (suns out too)
Chestplate 001
LD & Cluekid - Jays Reese/The Intro
Joker - Digidesign

House party bookings - 07981…


damn! nice haul!


Rahh, how much you drop on all that


Ah nice, I got the Kingfisher one and Pangaea - You & I


Ah wtf I didn’t see You & I. What time where you in there?


Around 13:30 - they had the original Protecting Hands plate as well but ran out of £££