What record/etc. did you just buy?


Kromestar - Kalawanji / Surgery
Digital Mystikz - Return II Space
Digital Mystikz - Marduk / Enter Dimensions
Horace Andy / Dub Specialist - Skylarking / Sky Rhythm
Johnny Osbourne / Prince Jazzbo - Truth and Rights / Crabwalking
Brentford All Stars / Im and Sound Dimension - Greedy G / Love Jah
Marcia Griffiths / Brentford Disco Set ‎– Feel Like Jumping / Feel Like Jumping Pt.2
The Revolutionaries - Kunta Kinte
Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
The Migthy Three’s - Africa Shall Stretch For Her Hand (CD)
Babe Roots - Dub Sessions 1
Etch - Untitled Hardcore
Sepia - Eclipse EP
D-Operation Drop 7’’ - a. Warrior March / b. Sativa Team
T.A.R / VGB - aT.A.R - Loonies / bVGB - Rough Surface
Unknown Artist - DREADZ001
Digid & Dubbing Sun (Incl Egoless Remix)


Gonna cut that dubplate then? :biggrin:


Possibly, haven’t received the cd yet but it comes with loads of dub versions which i haven’t heard yet. I want to have at least 4 tracks if i get a dubplate cut so we shall see :slightly_smiling_face:


How much does this go for nowadays? I dropped mine like 4 years ago and took a bit of a chunk out of Enter Dimensions, been meaning to replace for a long time.


Its been on my wantlist for ages, I’ve seen it for around 25 quid or higher, then a mint one came up the other week for 15 quid which i copped…turns out the seller was omunit lol


Lol om unit not a fan of Marduk I guess


Didn’t he drop Haunted at System though?

He definitely dropped RWTP.




Does he not use CDJS?
I swear @Riddles has bought bangers from someone on a big label that name is escaping me right now…


I bought a copy of Goat Stare off Ben UFO


last time i’ve seen him it was control vinyl + Serato


Pretty sure Jamie XX bought BAM001 off me on Discogs a few years back.


J. Moody & Horus - The Sphinx
Enos McLeod - Jericho
Protoje - Blood Money
D OPERATION DROP - Warrior March
DUBKASM - Concrete & Steel


Tried to post the link but fuck zuckerborg tbh, sharing facebook outside of facebook is almost impossible, but check out zak brashills fb if u haven’t seen it, he’s offering replacements for those rare speckled plates lol


Various - Tempa Allstars Vol.5
Komonazmuk - Bad Apple/Last Mistake
Ramadanman - Blimey/Drowning(Version)/Tak
2562 - Techno Dread/Enforcers
2562 - Channel Two/Circulate


Time to ship those reserves!

Congi - Contours (Fent Plates - FPL013)
Yak - Mido (Version - version009 )
Pinch - Water Bomb / Cold New Worlds (Cold Recordings - COLDR009)
TMSV - Modification (Perfect Records - PRF001)
Jonah Freed & Samba - Dream Sequence EP (Innerverse - INV001)
Mumdance, Logos - Perc & Truss Remixes (Tectonic - TEC097)
Lurka, Batu - Kneqq / Struck (Fringe White - Fringewhite002)
Beneath - Seeus (Hotline Recordings - Hotline013)
Skepta - Konnichiwa (Boy Better Know - BBKS004LP)
Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS (Innamind Recordings - IMX003)
Kromestar - MCMLXXXII Part One: Plate 2 (Nebula Music Group - NMGRLP001PT2)
Ossia - Gridlock (Berceuse Heroique - BH041)
Black Merlin - Proto World Ep (Berceuse Heroique - BH036)
Hodge - No Single Thing (Livity Sound - LIVITY 025 )
Systemwide - Low Orbit / Liberation (ZamZam Sounds - ZAMZAM51)
Wen - Carve + Gaze (Big Dada Recordings - BD281)
Four Tet - SW9 9SL / Planet (Text Records - TEXT045)
Mesck - The Veil / Slang Suffocate (Chestplate - CHST041)
Sleeper X D£DW8 - Dark Things (Crucial Recordings - CRUCIALXXX)
Joy Orbison - Off Season / Fuerza (Hinge Finger - HINF8679)
Jamakabi* - Hot It Up (The Remixes) (Bandulu Records - BANDULU009)
Epoch, Rider Shafique - Listen This / Dust (Artillery Mix) (Blacklist - BLACKLIST007)
Ago - Why Won’t You (Innamind Recordings - IMRV019)
System Roots - Step On It (System Music - SYSTM017)
LAS - Crowded (System Music - SYSTM016)


Suicideyear - Hate Songs
Wen - Carve + Gaze
Orlando - The Tide That Moves Me
Letta - The Recluse / Spokes’ Orchestral Mix
Submerse - Are You Anywhere
Sully - Escape
Iglooghost - Neo Wax Bloom

more albums i got to cop releasing in the following months…


Pinch - Dr.Carlson/136 Trek
TRG - Decisions
Breakage - Callahan/Untitled
Benga - Benga EP Vol.2
Brackles - Get a Job/Lizard
Daega Sound - State of Mind/Fox Wing
Deleted Scenes - Hysteria/Reasons
Kryptic Minds - Life Continuum/Wondering Why
Moonstones - Yen Pox
Peverelist - Clunk Click Every Trip/Gather
Causu & Shu - Dubhelmet EP


He started off as a hip-hop dj/ turntablist so wouldnt surprise me if he plays out on turntables every now and then


Callahan/Untitled & the Brackles plate are such good value buys for mixing.

Untitled mixes with so many tunes - pressure on that one.

Between that & Someone (Breakage RMX) probably the weightiest tunes in the collection