What record/etc. did you just buy?


Swear breakage plates are so underrated for how big they are, not that I’m complaining cause it’s cheaper haha


got the new ozel ab workshop release for $5


Venom - Welcome To Hell
Burzum - Filosofem
Bathory - Bathory
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
Ornette Coleman - The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Prince Charles And The City Beat Band - Stone Killers
ASDA - The McDonald’s Prayer
Addison Groove - Shango Remixes


Found this on fb…dubstudio here we come :gunfinger:

Mala - Alicia


With cay’s cray on the B side? You can get the WAV on Beatport :smiley:


The most recent two Burial releases.
Feel like his music has dropped off a bit recently but I can’t not own them, y’know…


Lol was wondering what to put on the flip , but that is the perfect B side; nice one! Copped it off beatport…new dubplate income :onethumb:


Would Dubstudio be ok with pressing an already released track? Seriously considering doing this! Their 12" vinyl dubplates are only £29, bargain


yeah they have no problem with that, I’ve done 2 previously through dubstudio of music that was only released on digital formats

they will even cut 320s which is handy cos that’s the format of the cays cray on beatport


A friend’s just literally got of the phone with Henry and he said you need permission for him to cut them?


I’ve done it twice by just completing the online order and uploading the tracks. All the music I’ve had cut is previously released tracks - either stuff that is too expensive on scogs, or stuff that never got a vinyl release. I spoke to H a few times on the email during the process but he never once questioned the content.


I’ll give it a go then, you can get a WAV version of Cay’s on Beatport :+1:


sweet, u got a link for that? I can’t seem to find the wav…ngl never used beatport b4 tho lol

edit: nvm i found out how to do it…when I copped the mp3 I done it on my phone and in the excitement didn’t realise you could specify the format


First time using it myself! It’s on the pink dropdown menu on the right-hand side:


Shit, well on cutting them now


just ordered mine, all went through as usual on the automated website thing, fingers crossed it don’t get stewards :crossed_fingers:


Let me know if it goes smoothly and i’ll put an order in :+1:


yeah will do


Andres - Material World / Reality :biggrin:


it just turned up :heart_eyes: