What record/etc. did you just buy?


Really? I swear its worth like £5 on there lol


Looks like they’re releasing old LoDubs 12"s… Hopefully (altho not likely) the label’s coming back to release again. They were one of my favs when I was a big dubstep head back in 2013.


yeah its a cool label, def some hidden gems tucked away in their back cat. I’ve worked with one the dudes that used to run it, nice people. But 11 quid for a lodubs plate is not the one haha.


UK price inflation of course. Back in the day (2015 for me lol) A standard 12" plate would be about 5.82-6.66 pounds. Rarely would anything go above 7.49. Nowadays some records go for 8.49 for just a standard two tracker. inb4 Brexit


yeah, this lodubs single is going for 11 lol… I can go to amoeba in SF and pick up lodubs plates for $6 usd haha

and brexit did truly fuck with things, felt that first hand when all my profits were demolished when exchanging usd/gbp on the first record release I put out… shitty times for everyone involved i think. I’m sure bigger labels with larger overheads got hit way harder since i’m just doing MS solo I can eat the costs a lot easier… Def a big hit for the relatively small operations the ‘big’ dubstep labels are dealing with.


not sure that’s anything to do with brexit tbh, just standard inflation i reckon

in germany too 12" used to be ~7/8 euros a few years back and LPs around 15, now 12" are more like ~10/15 euros and LP’s 20/30 euros and not just UK/US imports, even stuff manufactured in germany


If they are now going for £12 then they have doubled in price over the last 10 years.
They were going for £5.99 for a long time tbf.
Every year now they are going up by 50p-£1.50.


Nah they have been higher than that for alot longer i think.
Maybe my memory is failing me but pretty sure we haven’t had prices that low since 2012
EDIT: just realised you aren’t including VAT


£13.49 for us with VAT


well… that’s the normal price in switzerland since many years…
it’s a pain in the ass.


Well it has already sold for 17€ in the past and due to the forthcoming Gantz bit on Medi the hype will increase. People are sometimes going crazy with the prizes when they see that they’re the only one listing them


Yep, we don’t pay vat outside of the uk


Do you guys have to pay impory duty?


since last time…

Joe (43) - Grimelight
Guesswerk, Onethird - Falling
Zygos - Stound EP W/Lbl
∆ - III / FTG
Cessman - Higher Rising / Deadly Serpent
System Roots - Step On It
Causa (2) - Juce EP
Various - The Architects: Volume One - Plate One
Various - The Architects: Volume One - Plate Two
Akcept - Dreader Than Dread / Howl
DubDiggerz - Spear Dub / InTemi
Jonah Freed, Farsight - Guns
Jafu - Luster EP
Hebbe (2) - A8X / Addictive Dub W/Lbl
Zygos - Kanuri / Shutdown TP
Hi5 Ghost - Holy I$$h
Malleus (9) - ENV013
Mikael (14) - Nuthin’ A Come / Corner Dub
Rocks FOE - Fight The Good? Fight
Dolenz - Evesdrop
Thelem - Haunted Harmonics RP
Bengal Sound - Wushu Hand Ep
Seekers International - RunComeTest EP
Headland (4) - Levy / Seen / Cold Warning
Rider Shafique - Lion
De-Tü - Fruitcake
Samba (12) / Sepia (5) - Kami / Hooves
The Bug - Bad / Get Out The Way
Boofy - Dead Stylus / Ledge
Pugilist - Dream State/Simian
Last Japan feat. Killa P - Exhale
Mr.K - One Skin EP
The Maghreban - Pots & Pans / Martha / Elka
Somah & JSM - a. Somah Rollin dub / b. JSM King of kings
Chad Dubz - 22 Ounces
Crucial EP Vol 1
Alicia/Cays Cray dubplate




1x Luke Hess - DUBOUT EP (OMAR S RMX) - FXHE Records / lhfxhe1 (bou-k9) |
1x Ben Klock - ONE (2X12) - Ostgut Ton / Ostgut LP 03 (bsk-q4) |
1x Omar S - 998 - FXHE Records / fxheminid (bzl-hb) | 1x:13.99 EUR |
1x Omar S - TRIANGULUM AUSTRALE (SAY IT SPACE) - FXHE Records / AOS-7501 (c0s-1o) |
1x The Invariants - TI002 - The Invariants / TI002 (c51-iy) |
1x Hydergine - ENTHEOLOGY (W/ DEEPBASS REMIX)(VINYL ONLY) - Phorma / Phorma012 (caq-s4)
1x Benales - ELEMENTS EP PART 2 - Sino / Sino032 (cat-rr) |
1x Unknown Artist - DRGS001 (VINYL ONLY / 180G) - DRG SERIES / DRGS001 (cay-gs) |
1x Dorisburg & Efraim Kent - TECKEN - Tikita / TIKITA007 (caz-hg) |
1x A Sacred Geometry - CHAPTER IV - A Sacred Geometry / ASG004 (cb1-lu) |
1x Pierre Bastien Et Eddie Ladoire - PHANTOM DANCE - Versatile / VER118 (cb2-go) |
1x Yard One - TACTICS VOL. 2 (VINYL ONLY) - Tactics / TACTICS001 (cb3-ja) |
1x Rising Sun - THE DREAM (REPRESS. WHITE 7 INCH VINYL) - Beautiful Things Dont Ask For Attention / B T D A F A 001 (cb3-ww) |
1x Soel - PLANGENT#008 - Plangent / PLAN008 (cbd-li) |
1x Move D & Jordan GCZ - URGENCE - Off Minor Recordings / OMR010 (cbd-pe)
1x Terence Dixon - DIGITAL LADDER EP - 30drop Records / 30DEXO005 (cbg-d3) |


found the digi on fb for alicia - flac, not a vinyl rip, and you can get the digital mystikz cays cray on beatport. It’s all a bit further up in this thread ^^^

Another Alicia came up on scogs today for 450 euros and i allowed myself a smug chuckle


that was a vinyl rip


Serious? I couldn’t tell tbh, sounds awesome