What record/etc. did you just buy?


haha. TBF he should proba go through it, a lot of that stuff bangs



Jonah Freed & Farsight - Guns
Badawi - Den of Drumz
Hi5Ghost - Holy I$$h
Nights - Too Much/Untouchable
5 Years of Duploc (still hasn’t arrived :neutral_face:)


Just got this on 7" for my lady for Xmas


Finally got my copy of Duploc 5 year in the mail today. Anybody think that international shipping to usa in cold weather is causing my records to arrive kinda warped?


warps can happen for whatever reason really, from hurried postmen, to the inside packaging not being protected enough, or who know’s it could’ve been shifted around a lot on the plane lol.


lol ffs my nearest record store is in a different country… I mean I sold all my records when I moved here anyway so it doesn’t matter, still though would be nice if I could buy records without a 5 hours drive involved


Um… and where the hell is that???



mine looks fine (Czech rep)
but yeah, could be a lot of things. Cold weather shouldn’t be an issue, it’s the heat that kills records




Redeye no doubt still deliver there lol


I sold all my records and my decks 3 years ago before I moved out here anyway so it doesn’t really make any difference, I’m just playing digi now, I do miss digging through crates though :’(


That list is crowdsourced so may not be fully accurate (although a trip to a Mexican record store sounds pretty dope too tbh). A google search shows you have Wooden Tooth and Old Paint record stores in Tucson… maybe you can rep yr town and update the list.


I’m in Hermosillo, not Tucson, there are definitely no record stores down here, a couple of the department stores here do vinyl in their music section but only for like classic rock etc, the drive to Tucson is a fucking mission, we go there like once or twice a year and it’s takes most of the day, the border crossing into the us is a pain in the arse as well, I always get stopped because US Border patrol are just confused about someone trying to cross the us/mexico border with a UK passport


Oh shit…

Totally misread that map lol. Yeah, you might have better luck making the longer viaje al sur to MexCity.


Finally got Zomby - Rumours & Revelations. My favourite tune of his.


Gantz - U Wont Mind

Theres only one copy left on discogs at the moment… After that ones gone prices are gonna increase probably.



That is an absolute disgraceful price


wtf, hopefully they’ve made an error listing it or something…


yesssss :fire: