What record/etc. did you just buy?



Boofy - Dead Stylus/Ledge
Breakage - Ric Flair Strut/Sanctuary
Breakage - Elmhurst dub/Anymore
Bukez Finezt - Under Control
Disgu!se - Disgu!se remixes vol. 2
Gaze Ill - Hydrated EP
Graphic ft. Beans - I am metal
Graphic - I am metal (Martyn rmx)/Heroine
Incredible Bongo Band - Apache/Bongo Rock
Ishan Sound - Trojan EP
Jonah Freed - Dream Sequence EP
Jorge Ben & Toquinho/Joao Donato - Carolina bela/A ra
Martyn - Get Down/Black lies
Rude Operator - Witch Doctor
Sinistarr - Detroit Diesel/Anti Personnel
Thelem - Haunted Harmonics
Titus12 - Summon Luxo/Silly Youth
Various Artists - Fist of fury EP
XXXY - Rain/Jack Sparrow remix


Some electro, wave and synth pop stuff.

Otto - Full Auto
Layup - Functionalism
Monowelt - Ruckschau
Neugeborene Nachtmusik - Komme Was Komme Mag
Manhooker - I Am Disco
Romansoff - Overdose Alert
Uabos - A Point of View
Foreign - Redemption
Die Wilde Jagd - Die Wilde Jagd LP (!!!)
Various - Nattymari Presents


Good taste my friend!

Just ordered Duploc 012 and 014 cause I saw they were doing a sale. Both for like 10£


Copped Tempa Allstars Vol. 8 on Hard Wax. I thought it was out of stock everywhere. The addiction’s coming back lol



Theo Parrish ‎– Sound Sculptures Volume 1
Earth 2 - Special Low Frequency Version
New Order ‎– Low-life
Tectonic Plates Vol 1


bought the wheel and deal mystery pack, not too impressed.

not much tunes i’m feeling and one of the plates i do like is warped to fuck, needle literally bounces off the wave


Most dubstep labels have always had those insta-cop releases that are sold out everywhere else cos they’re bangers. Unfortunately that isn’t the case with W&D but a lot of their very early 12"s were decent.


Yeah, but i suppose i could’ve had a look what was left in their shop before buying, the N-Type & Surge EP is shockingly bad.

oh well…


this has got to be the best that wheely’s ever put out imo, those horn sounding bass stabs are 2 much


Didn’t really pay that much attention to Wheel & Deal but got these 2, think i was starting to lose interest in that type of sound at that point


as great and long-gone of an era those tracks are, most of them sound outdated. only the anthems (i.e. Hunted) still sound fresh.


I’ve got this one. Really solid tunes on both sides, I used to drop Control in every set when I started playing out a couple of years ago


Was at a garage sale once and found this W&D record. Worst 1 euro I’ve ever spent.


Ordered these, can’t wait to spin em.

Darkimh ‎- Chain Smoker IFS009
Zygos - Erf EP FAV006
Chad Dubz - 22 Ounces BOKA047
Sibla - You Know What / Huckster / Guzheng Zither RARE5
J Sparrow - Shoal / Dune NCLTD001

Also, I’m still waiting on Gantz EP and Truth’s EP that are on deep medi


Have you seen the purple rain film with him in? It’s pretty rad


Past week -

Ago - Why Won’t You / Flashin’ / Zero Shift
Proxima - Lie Detection
SP:MC - Taiko Dub


Ramadanman ‎– Fall Short / Work Them

Objekt ‎– Objekt001


Timeless release!


Aye it’s a good one. I also want cactus/porcupine.