What record/etc. did you just buy?


Does anyone kno any good record shops in brizz


Idle hands is aite
There’s a bunch in st nicks market for stuff that isn’t dance music
There’s one above the exchange but I’ve not been
There’s a rough trade in the centre, again not been in.
There’s a Rise on Park Street but it’s abit like a not so shit HMV

There’s a couple more but cant remember their names…


…Unfortunately I got an email earlier this week from RWDFWD saying that the Ago 12" wasn’t in stock anymore and they didn’t keep their releases up to date when I copped it in the store. :frowning: Fortunately, I got a the 12" for K-Lone - In the Dust. Trying to find the 12" for Why Won’t You, but all I’m seeing on the internet right now are stores from Europe that are severely screwing me up the butt with horrendous shipping costs.


welcome to buying dance records in the usa. you better enjoy buttplay because it will always be a part of the experience.


It’s a struggle I’ve been facing for 3+ years. Been so fucked with buying direct + buying from stores everywhere around Europe. 60 bucks for a single 12"? That’s so BS. S/O Redeye for being the top dons of selection & price tho.


3 years means you barely know the pre-brexit days when GBP was like 2x the USD haha. The real struggle was getting a shipment from chemical records and paying 100gbp shipping for $200 worth of records. (and they all came warped and took over a month to ship)

You should never be paying 60usd for a single tho…that is truly “so BS”.

The only euro shop i buy from is Hardwax. These days I buy the most wax on bandcamp though, shipping sucks, but im only buying select releases here and there.

5000 records later…

I hate vinyl these days.

Does anyone else’s collection stress them out? I played a few tonight and they were dusty af, reminded me that my whole collection is just getting dustier second by second. Its a war of attrition. I also broke a needle last sunday on the radio show and i really dont want to even buy a new stylus. I think im just ‘over it’ in a way. feels strange.


My collection does the opposite of stressing me out tbh…the only slight problem is that it’s grown to the size where I just can’t remember them all, but it’s a nice feel to occasionally pull out a forgotten banger…new needles and re-calibrated both decks last night, b2b2b with a couple mates and they felt like new again


Yeah, I feel it. I think I just gotta get everything organized again.


Back in 2014-2015, a 12" was around 5.82 to 7.49 pounds, but that was a lot considering $$$ was twice that amount. However, in old sold-out releases in Redeye, records costed much less than that. Was that Redeye fucking around with us by purposefully listing sold out releases at a lower price or were they that low?

Also, stupid me shelled out $40+ bucks for the Ago record that was still in stock in some French store. Not saying exactly how much lol. I checked all my options and found out that was probably the least costly, I hope that 12" will be a rarity in the future, fuck.


you convinced me to stop being a whiney bitch about my plates, got a big stack pulled out and ready 2 go and replacement stylus installed for my radio show later today. Should be fun returning to vinyl on this session.



Yeah man like your records are going to get dusty and slowly change sound over time but pure preservation is not the point. To me its all about that moment of when the needle hits and first beat hits.

Me and my buddy trade off a weekly mix show on facebook live where we just play our records for an hour. Every week when its my turn I’ll get some craft beers, and have a blast living completely in the moment.


Just add (distilled) water (and a cheap shop vac).




Photek ‎– Solaris
Peverelist ‎– Roll With The Punches / Die Brücke

Also got Blawan ‎– What You Do With What You Have but it was mislabeled (actually Tessela ‎– Nancy’s Pantry) so gonna send it back. Good but not what I wanted. :slightly_frowning_face:


D1 - Dubstep Warz / Rusko Get Your Cock Out
Steppas Delight - Vol 2 & Vol 1
Benga - Comb 60’s / Killers About
Dubwoofa - Kingdom Come
Spherix - Blackwood / Screw Loose / Crack Kings
DJ Madd - Someone / Breakage Rmx
Consequence - Snakes & Ladders / Dub Bounce
Skream - Skreamizm Vol. 5

probably missed a couple those are the main dents in the wallet


What us the starting track of thus video : https://youtu.be/RzOw4QmvYxQ


Hello my lovelies. I have a new account here, i forgotten my other one. It’s been a while, but i used to be an active member in the old forum.

I need some new earphones. Thought you guys have a similar taste in music so you’ll be able to give me some good picks… Warm subbass and crisp mid-range / acoustics are preferable.


Are you after just earphones for out and about or proper studio headphones?
If the former then Sennheiser CX300 ii all the way.
They are quality for the price.
A bit delicate but they are that cheap you can just replace if they fail.


I’ve had these for years and they’ve always done me proud. Not the best on the market but they’re very reasonably priced and do the job for everyday listening
Technics RP F350

Having said that I would imagine you can’t buy them anymore as they’re quite old. But then any Technics are going to be decent for standard listening situations really…


jeeeeze i had those technics headphones in year 8 at school. blast from the past.
they’re not very good