What record/etc. did you just buy?


These are quality for under £50, been using them for years.

Also use inairs to improve isolation which is worth the extra few quid


Agreed, but if you’re just listening to your ipod on the walk to work and don’t mind them getting battered in your bag there alright. (And I can’t abide those in-ear bud style earphones)
You wouldn’t wAnna use them for producing!! :slight_smile:


I own these: http://www.shure.com/americas/products/earphones/se-earphones/se112-sound-isolating-earphones

I think they might not me entirely comfortable for some, but I can’t complain about sound quality


recent discogs bits

Loose Ends - Look How Long (LP, Album)
Loose Tubes - Loose Tubes (LP, Album)
Hassan Erraji & جوق عربيسك* = Arabesque (4) - Nikriz (LP)
Iku Sakan - Prism In Us All (LP, Album, Ltd)
Bonnie Oliver - Come Inside My Love (12", Promo)
Pinch (2) & Shackleton - Boracay Drift (12")
David Defries - The Secret City (LP, Album)
Actress - Actress Meets Shangaan Electro (12")
MMM / Old Apparatus - Meets Tshetsha Boys / Meets Shangaan Electro (12")
Jus Wan - Action Potential / Affletic (12")
Falty DL* - Mean Streets (Part Two) (12", Ltd, Num, Promo)
2562 - Fever (2x12", Album)
Ricardo Villalobos - Achso (2x12", Com)
Stark (19) - Calm Before Storm (12", EP)
Clyde Alexander & Sanction - Got To Get Your Love (12", RE, RM)
DJ Fett Burger - Track One (12")
Arovane - Minth (7", Ltd)

recent juno shit

COWLEY, Patrick - Afternooners
BASA BASA - Homowo
SUBA - Wayang
CONJOINT - Earprints
KID - KID Disco Versions
BRADOCK, Pepe - 4 (remastered)
SOLID SPACE - Space Museum
PARRIS - 2 Vultures EP

recent VU shit

Carl Finlow - A Selection Of Works Part 1
Carmen - Throw Down
The Sun God / Daryl Cura - The CS Strategy
Norman Connors - Once I’ve Been There
Scott Grooves - The Five Heartbeats
Forest Drive West - Cenote EP
Byron The Aquarius - Fish Soup EP
Various - Sofrito (Tropical Discotheque) - STRUT070LP
Palta & Ti - EP’En Andre Hjem
Theo Parrish - Preacher’s Comin / Gullah Geechee
Kid Machine - Replicants
Mutable 01


Thanks to all for the advice in helping me choose new earphones


Just copped my first 12" from Discogs. SP:MC & LX One - Down / Judgement from a US based seller.


Bicep - Bicep (This one is such cheese, but who doesn’t like cheese.)
Portishead - Dummy
DJ Rashad ‎– Double Cup


Their tune Glue(?) I think it is, is rad in terms of all the stuff i may get to hear on the work radio.


Copped that new SP:MC 10" on System the minute the site got it on stock. I’m surprised it’s still available right now but I guess everyone’s busy :eyes:


wait, is it a 10inch?

edit: recently got

Objekt - Objekt001
Katy B - Katy on a mission (solely for the instrumental)
Samba/Sepia - Kami/Hooves (the missing copy arrived after a month :raised_hands:)
DJG - Time Is The Fire/Escape pod
DJG - Rivet/Melon
Weather report - Heavy Weather
George Benson - In your eyes

+ some preorders/discogs waiting to be sent

Sir Hiss - Danny uzi vert/Taj Mahal
Mr.K - Baka EP
Egoless - Empire of dirt
SP:MC - Pondlife/R1
Foamplate - Nettle/Moose fly
Drunken Master - 50 Niggaz deep
Missy Elliott - Lick Shots
Toastyboy - On something / You’re special
Dubplate Drama series 2 soundtrack


Ooft, heavy selection


christ records are expensive. Juno had the Hiroshi record £8 cheaper than everywhere else and I still spent £45.

|SCHULTE, Jan/VARIOUS - Tropical Drums Of Deutschland|Music For Dreams Denmark

|YOSHIMURA, Hiroshi - Music For Nine Post Cards|Empire Of Signs US (EOS 01)|LP + INSERT


Fuck it’s sold out… first one i missed in a while… hopefully it’ll be one of them systems that goes up on the other outlets too :crossed_fingers:


Confirmed to be in Redeye / other outlets by the man himself, saw it on Instagram comments.


Oh yeah? Check out the track Havona written by Jaco with those bass and piano unison lines with Joe Zawinul. And Wayne Shorter is playing as brilliant as usual.


Herbie Hancock - Thrust
Christian Scott - Stretch Music
Clifford Brown & Max Roach
Oscar Peterson Trio - Night Train
Miles Davis - Seven Steps to Heaven
Khruangbin - TUSUY

And soon a pair of Mission lx2’s to play em through hopefully


One of my most favourite records ever. This was one of the records that got me into synthesizers. Butterfly is sublime and Actual Proof? I heard that they wanted to record it and the producer didn’t want to for some reason but then he was like fine, you have one try.

They nailed it on that first try.

Not sure what kind of producer that was though.


DDJS032 - Youngstar & Hindzy D - Pulse Target / Target vs The Formula


That’s amazing. One of the most convoluted, funky grooves you’ll hear and they’re locked in the whole way. Hard to comprehend sometimes


Kiyoko - Sea of Trees
Last Japan - Luna

Add to that the Sir Hiss Danny Uzi Vert / Taj Mahal repress