What record/etc. did you just buy?


Bought this too, love this track:


Lloyd Mcneill Quartet - Washington Suite
Bill Callahan - Have Fun With God. < This is one of the best sounding records I’ve bought. Everything is so thick, lush and spacious. Dubbed out folk/blues music, really tastefully done.


Such a good album


Shackleton & Appleblim - Soundboys Bones Get Buried in the Dirt (Volume 2)
Shackleton - Deadman
Shackleton - Man on A String (Part 1 & 2)/Bastard Spirit


that Deadman plate is soo good, the dub version on the flip <3


Deadman is honestly one of the greatest tunes ever made


awun awun awun awun awun


1 x Shackleton - Furnace Of Guts, Furnace Of Guts / Wakefulness And Obsession (131368)
@ GBP 9.16 each (+ 20% Tax)

1 x Skeptical, Transfer / Block 305 : Ingredients Records, RECIPE007, (13677)
@ GBP 5.82 each (+ 20% Tax)

1 x Skeptical & MC Fokus, Fluctuate / The Truth : Dispatch Recordings, DIS053 (15271)
@ GBP 7.08 each (+ 20% Tax)

1 x Sleeper - Crushin EP, Girl Scout Cookies / Akai Headbutt / Crushin / Ghosts : Crucial Recordings, CRUCIAL007 (27651)
@ GBP 7.91 each (+ 20% Tax)

1 x Shelley Parker -
Red Cotton EP, Red Cotton / Angel Oak / Angel Oak (Ploy Remix) / Masonry Pier (28782)
@ GBP 6.66 each (+ 20% Tax)

1 x Various Artists - Crucial EP Volume 2 - (One Per Person), TMSV & Van Dam - Qanum Fodder / Causa - Are We / Sleeper - Ginger Root / Opus - People : Crucial Recordings, CRUCIAL020 (NOTE : THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM) (28793)
@ GBP 8.75 each (+ 20% Tax)

1 x Dead Man’s Chest - Trilogy Dubs vol.1, Tears (Fantazia Version) / Rinsa

Saw @swerver post about the new crucial plate which I completely forgot about then ended up getting all this other shit as well haha


LOL fukin love that bit, so dark.
Always reminded me of that similar sound in Black Rose, approx 01:50:

Unless you weren’t refferring to that but i think you were


I think he meant the delay on the voice saying everyone starts from point one haha. But yeah that little bit you’re on about is so fucking sick


Ah seen


the voice repeats “a one” (awun) a bunch of times as well


Yeah that’s what I’m on about haha, I’m just too retarded to explain myself properly


I do that a lot, I had to make a rule that I only go on redeye when I’m sober lol


I was sober tbf haha. Though I was half asleep cause I’d recently woken up so that might be the issue in my case lool


Loleatta Holloway - Stand Up (Pangaea’s mix)


Shackleton - Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs (CD + 3x12" + Box, Album, Ltd)

Karma - Bluefoot/Choose Life

Probably my last order for the year except for rikers when that pops up on redeye


Get it on medi shop bro, free digis ffs


Idk I’ll see haha


Bought Drexiyas lp off amazon of all places. I found out today is also my most listened to album on spotify followed by JPEG Mafias lol