What to send DJ's?

Easy! Just looking for a bit of advice…

Got a folder with 3 dubs which I want to send about to a couple DJ’s, I know which ones to try get a hold of, but what do I say to them/call the email?

I know it sounds a bit daft, but I genuinely have no idea :confused:

Large up!

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‘hi my name is… i just wanted to show you my music’

depending on how kind you are and what u think about the person you are sending it to, some words about that.

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Know it sounds a bit stupid but I wanted to find the right balance, don’t want to seem a dick, but don’t want to sound like a lick arse.

Cheers for the advice!

Check out this thread from the old forum: Sending dubs? Here’s some help: Dub Etiquette…

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Cheers for that bro, helped a lot :smile:

i messaged someone on twitter once with the link and ¯_(ツ)_/¯ symbol

they didnt reply


“yo bro heres some traks”

dropbox link

Thats pretty much what i do
Works out ok

But yea make sure theyre 320 (or wavs i guess) n the file name is “artist name -track name”

Looking at the old forum page and how they mention vinyl i have a question. Has anyone back in the olden vinyl days ever received a shitty dub plate with bad tunes on it. What do you do when that happens?

sexy producers in your area want to link up with you


it’d get someones attention today, vivek posted on facebook looking for the guy that gave him a dubplate at system party on new years, and that tune did get a release

but really it’d be about the tunes received, if they’re good they’d get cut and people do that themselves man, i’m sure someones done that in the past- i think the dmz people when they were really young and unknown used to cut plates and give them to hatcha to play so i’m sure some young producers cut something shit, but i’m also sure hatcha wouldn’t have played the dubplate unless he wanted to play the tune

a better idea is rolling to nights where you rate the artists, with a cd of some tunes in hand, then meet face to face and hand over is a really nice way to do it and might make you stand out more for getting involved in the scene

but honestly dansci it’s just about emailling the right tune to the right person

From Fanu’s website;


I know some of these probably are ridiculously basic to many,
but still, it’s crazy how much unprofessional approaches I get to see
on the regular.

A) Do not send out tunes for the sake of sending out tunes. Only
send tunes that you know are solid. You won’t be doing yourself any
favors by sending to labels some tunes that don’t represent your best

not a big artist by any means, but even I receive loads of tunes, and
often it takes me ages to check them out, and, sadly enough, I don’t get
to check them all out in the end anyways. So if I get sent tunes by
someone that are poor, I may not check his tunes the next time (just
because there’s 70 other promos waiting in my promo inbox the next time I
decide to check for promos). And all the listening I finally get to do
is after all the music production of my own as well as mastering tunes for others, so it can be a bit demanding sometimes. And this relates to the next one…

B) Do not send out a zip file of 14 tunes.
Just don’t. It is intimidating. Personally, I much rather peep two
songs than 14 (yes, I’ve had many of those). It also looks like you’re
not really sure of what’s good and what’s not so you’ll send out an
album worth of tunes and ask for the receiver to pick out what’s good.
No – it’s your job. Send out 2–3 strong tunes, and that’s it. And…

C) …if you don’t hear back, don’t get discouraged.
That does not mean in any way that your music is crap. Most DJs and get
so much music, they barely ever have the time to comment back unless it
really blew up their world.

D) For the love of God, do not go for “Yo, check my song” + link. That is the lowest.
Your song will not get heard. It’s ridiculous how much of these I get.
It means instant deletion in my book, and I bet I am not alone. If you
don’t show any sort of faith or a bit of healthy pride in what you do,
it does not look appealing to anyone – and you appear a spammer. Do you
want to be remembered as a spammer the next time that person sees your
email with a tune link? No. Write a few words of what you do, why you
happened to send it to the DJ/label, so it doesn’t look like spam you’re
randomly sending out to 100+ people – oh, and yeah, never go for THAT.
Social media may give you the tools for that, but posting plain links or
“Cool page! Hey, check out my page” on people’s FB pages /
Instagram pages in hopes of attention will NOT make anyone check out
your music. Again, you’ll be seen as a spammer. You have to do a little
more than that. I’ve even seen some well-established artists post “Hey,
check out my album – link is in my profile” on others’ pages, and that’s
just sad.

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Drop bullshit and let the music talk.

And most importantly, have a both private soundcloud link and download link.
We get spammed with a crazy ass fuck amount of music, so having a fast stream to listen to it is much simpler and less time consuming.

what do I say to them

Hi DJ Name,
insert pleasantries
insert link to music
Your Name

call the email

Producer Name Dubs

I don’t think many DJ’s really give a shit about pleasantries and small talk…unless they’re totally snowed under you can be pretty sure they’ll check your music out. If they like it you can be pretty sure they’ll play it and check anything you send them in future…that’s their job!

its funny because with djs and labels what usually happens is it starts of all formal in the initial emails and a few msgs later its all safe g big tunes init brap

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im never formal when I send tunes

literally the first time i sent slimzee tunes the email was like “wag1 big don slimzee heres some dubs from me, hope you enjoy”

if the tunes are good the djs will play em, simple. no need for formalities imo

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haha amazing.

Heard Kahn & Neek dropping one of your bits the other day, big up

This might be a weird idea, but I’m going to a show that a big dubstep DJ is playing and was thinking about bringing one of my acetates to give him as a token of my appreciation, but I also feel like that would be weird, you guys have opinions on doing that?

Ah I just saw that you asked this.

I would recommend it… What dubstep DJ is it?