What tune originally got you into dubstep?

For me it was the Loefah remix of Crack Bong. Think I liked Archangel before that but it was the Crack Bong remix that made me want to dig deeper into the genre. After hearing Dubstep Allstars vol 2 that was the one I kept coming back to.

What’s yours?


D1 - Dubstepwarz from the intro to the Dubstepwarz Breezeblock mix. Stumbled across it randomly and fell in love with the sound instantly.

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altho I’m reluctant to admit it in case Plastician, of whom I’m no fan,
further cranks up his grimey, broey side.

To which I say:
mate, you undoubtedly have talent
please age gracefully
and give us some more stately statements.

Haunted or Dubstep warz

Skream - Konga…big early big apple sound

Also the Loefah - Gandhi tune in some of youngsta’s early rinse shows, although I didn’t know who made it until early this year

enjoyed king soly tamil dub off the box of dub comp and had heard and liked tunes like haunted

but really it was midnight request line on rc1 at fwd’s 12th (?) birthday under brick lane in some warehouse, powered straight through my chest and that’s how i’ve ended up 1000s of posts deep in this hellish pit

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This set

My dad just listens to ska really so I was brought up listening to that, in school I started to listen to more reggae stuff and Max Romeo & The Upsetters - Chase The Devil was a personal. Remember the first dubstep tunes I really got into sampled reggae… Lucifer was one of the first. Must have been about 2007… I used to go to dnb raves like Hospitality and see guys like Hatcha and Plastician in room 2 and stuff.

FabricLive 37 was pretty huge for me as well, I really started to get into it more after that CD… thats when I started to actually travel to dubstep nights.


I think first thing I heard was Skeng when London Zoo came out, so then I found FabricLive37

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mrl. thought it was shit at first, but very intriguing nevertheless. followed the sound a bit until Night made me dig deeper.

actually i didn’t care much for dubstep the first few years i was aware of it - was far too into dnb, breakcore, industrial shit, hardcore etc. dubstep was more like what dudes would play towards the end of dnb nights.
it was vex’d, distance, tech itch’s dubstep tunes etc that really got me into the sound, and later on skull disco.

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It’s embarrassing to admit, but I was first very into brostep. Before skrillex I was all about datsik, excision, vaski, emalkay, bassnectar, latter rusko, etc.

I’d always dabbled in the truer stuff and Rusko’s fabric mix will always be one of my favorite things to exist ever. After I really immersed myself in that mix I dug in and would have to say what really sold me
were tunes like Mala - Mountain Dread March and Pinch - Angels In The Rain, then the whole underwater dancehall album. Helped me listen to music more keenly in general, too.


Cockney Thug

For me Scary Monster and Nice Sprites by Skrillex and Last Time Remix by Knife Party :blush:


El-B, Shackleton, and Burial were the first artists I heard of the sound. Not sure what tracks

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Datsik - Murder Style

Admittedly a recent convert…

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I gotta be completely honest I did Dubstep retrospectively. I remember at Sixth form college some mates playing Rusko tunes like Hammertime, Mr Chips etc off their phones (what a stereotype), and i remember being quite scared of it, as a sound. I’d never really been into any electronic music before beyond Radiohead. It intrigued me enough to go home and research it though and I distinctly remember an afternoon of Related Video surfing on Youtube and being half dumbfounded to half intrigued, singed with overtones of fear. All the early Rusko stuff came up, Benga - 26 Basslines i distinctly remember being one of the first ones, Stenchman - Powerful Magical, Benga & Coki - Night, Earth A Run Red, and Caspa - The Terminator. I was soon addicted to Fabriclive 37 and the aggier stuff from the Dub Police Crew, but as I explored the genre more i sort of worked backwards through time towards the deeper earlier stuff, its weird. I’d have to say Rusko - Hammertime is the first dubstep tune i ever heard, but probably 26 Basslines is the first one that I actually liked and opened the door to the rest of the genre.

I first heard purple city in 2009 and was hooked


Ginger Pubes by Cookie Monsta :slight_smile:

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