What tune originally got you into dubstep?


Went to a breakcore party in Antwerpen in 2007 and Goth Trad was booked in the beginning of the evening.
The system was superb and it was one of the better sets of that evening!


Depends on what you mean by dubstep. First was this brostep song called Change, by Tryptocaine. A year or two later, i discovered benga and coki’s song, night. I was in love. Instead of that hyper feeling you get from brostep, it was dark and effortless.


Coki - Goblin. I was 9, my mate bluetoothed it to me :wink:


a few of my mates were heavily into dnb and I’d been with them to a couple of raves which I enjoyed but never got too deep into that sound, then one day one of them played me caspa - rubber chicken which he had just picked up, I thought it was pretty cool and I prefered the slower tempo to the drum and bass that my friends were into so then they recommended me fabriclive 37 and when I heard girl from codeine city I was hooked instantly



I just remembered my first dubstep tracks. The first one is more garage, but that’s how I got into dubstep, through garage.


Heard magnetic man - I need air on the radio one day. Was like lol what is this song, people on youtube were calling it dubstep, then I heard Katy on a mission. Got into brostep for a bit just before Nero and that lot got big. Accidentally found distance - falling one day, and from there I phased out of brostep and the rest is history


i q like i need air

i looove katy on a mission stilll (that tune might have had a small influence on getting me into dubstep)


I still enjoy some tunes from that Magnetic Man album.


this is fucking sick

when do we reevaluate the merits of Brostep (not talking about magnetic man here), probably another 5 years, gotta take at least a decade


heard Doctor P - Sweet Shop the other day and thought, retrospectively, it’s quite jokes. Wouldn’t even mind hearing it at a casual, “fun” party between mates. However, when I wanna get rolling or genuinely have a “enjoying good music” time I’d probably leave the club and look for something different if that came on.


that’s what the lounge is for


Bar9 >>>

His ‘In Da Mix’ CD was getting the daily battering along with FabricLive 37 when I was in college.


Had followed burial & shacks for a few years before but never really considered them dubstep til later on


Yeah Alright bangs. So does the Benga Remix of Magnetic Man - Soulz. They were made earlier than the album around the time Skrenga were nailing wobblers like Make Me/Crunked Up. Remember Yunx double dropping Alright/Crunked Up on an old skl mix a couple of years back, absolute madness!


Fell in love with dubstep when I heard this.


I remember in 2009 I heard someone talking about how awesome this new music was and I couldn’t wait to listen to it so I asked my m8 who was “good with computers” to burn me a dubstep CD when I first got my car and I wish I still had the CD but the tracklist was something like this:

Bar 9 - Midnight
Rusko - Jahova
The Others - Africa
Emalkay - When I Look at You
Skream - Make Me
Skream - Oskilatah
Skream - Filth
Benga - Crunked Up
Benga - Evolution
Benga & Coki - Night
12th Planet - Be Blatant
Mt Eden - Sierra Leone (i know, lol)

I think there was a Nero track on there as well, don’t remember which one

This was the only dubstep i listened to for a good few months before i realized it was on youtube lol.


I’m a pretty old school 90s junglist and was already into garage here and there via that. It was a bit before it started to fragment into grime and such. Found dmz when they were still referred to as grime, and I heard Horror Show and was hooked. That’s still the fucking one.


Once youre in and you hear Martyn - Broken ya done no going back


that rolling bassline…