What tune originally got you into dubstep?



I’d heard dubstep a lot before, but this tune, heard at the beginning of a set from a DJ I can’t remember the name of at my first dubstep club night just blew me away. Had never realised how much a bass line could move you physically.


Toasty - The Knowledge / Skream - Midnight Request Line / Search & Destroy - Killamanjaro :heart_eyes:


On the reals though, Eastern Jam has aged farkin well

Imagine that was a starter for a few ppl




@sirubro, could you post in here please? I’ve always wondered how you came across this music.


i came acrossed crunk tessla and then found out about mochipet from xlr8r .com some how or something in 2007

then i found out about electronic explorations from a post on mochiprts myspace page. then i was blown away



I used to listen to so much 16bit. Still don’t mind them honest.


My first though was like “wtf is it even music at all”.


I got into the scene with this one:

Though afterwards I quickly learned that this was not the original sound. Some research and I got hooked on DM stuff instead. Still have this in my shelf even though I haven’t listened to it in five years or so.




haha Katy B on a Mission if I’m bein honest

But im terms of the real deal, prolly this

also the Burial LP, 26 Basslines, Night, Rutten and Quest - Last Days


Beat to Katy on a Mission is sick tbh. Would’ve been a very real deal had it come out without singing and marketed less.


katy on a mission is so great

as is the beat yer

into the rooOOOooooOOOM


Yeah big up Katy on a mission, banger of a tune


I didn’t mean to imply that the vocal takes from the tune, just that people would think of it differently if it was instrumental.


instrumental was floating around for a while. finally got released on some rinse anniversary thing


I know. Just if he’d kept Katy off it altogether.


I feel like the one I remember is Benga and Coki- Night as a friend at the time knew someone who lent her the CD or something.
There was def some caspa and rusko in there somewhere as well, like “wheres my money” and stuff.

I think after a time i was coming on here and went through that Genera; sticky thread that was like Read this if your getting into dubstep, something like that and in said thread I whacked on 9 Samurai and well yeh thats a banger innit so was sold from that point.


Hedd Banger is one of the best