What will dubstep sound like in 20 years?

With music evolving so fucking fast these days I really have no idea.

And of course the very nature of the future is that it can’t be predicted, but it would be fun to hear some theories, if indeed there are any lol

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In 16 years dubstep went from a little garage off-shoot to probably one of the most diverse and interesting music scenes in recent times and influenced god knows how many artists,genres etc… who aren’t even involved in the scene in the slightest. I’m not expecting much innovation, but I can’t even imagine the scene 2 years from now.

That being said I would love a return of breaky sounds (toasty, S&D, early distance et al.), though a more modern take on it would be nice


In actuality I’d want to lump this together with neighboring genres like UK funky, trap, moombah, etc. I’d guess you could call it bass music.

All of those genres basically evolved within the same time frame and are all based on a new paradigm in music making IMO. The use of sub-bass sounds as pretty much the main focus of songs and building songs around the “drop” with awesome bassline modulations and crazy percussion and shit.

Now even mainstream pop songs are often built around “intro buildup, drop, second buildup, second drop” instead of “intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, hook, chorus outro”

It even led trailers for movies and video games to include “dubstep sounds” during the “cool parts” which I regard as a very interesting evolution in the general use of music and sounds for evoking emotion and/or “viewer commitment”.

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it will have a little more songs with vocals. you will be able to make human vocals on a computer. right now thats hard to do. maybe there will be a easy way to produce and there will be some artistic weird stuff.

That’s interesting. _Indeed, synthesised voices are very realistic these days, but need to improve a bit to make it sound indistinguishable.

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I can never fully get into synthesised vocals. Like I been appreciate it for what it is, and to an extent it can be enjoyable. But a human voice is just so much more enjoyable (ignoring effects applied on vocals cause that’s a different topic altogether)

I cant tell if its a person or computer sometimes. I think some people can

I love autotune tho all hail lil boat

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I have a personal assistant that I made myself (not really, it’s EventGhost) and use the IVONA voice called Amy. I’m not sure if it’s the most realistic one. But sometimes it sounds very real!

More Slaughter Mob, Darqwan, DJ Ras Kwame, and Daluq as well.


I think the organic textures of real singing is hard to replicate!

better question is ‘what will music sound like in 20 years?’

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vocals are dumb anyways


hell yea brudda

In 20 years dubstep will do a complete 180.
Robots will be making tunes that sound like humans arguing and having sex.


judging on the evolution of dubstep over the past 4-5 years (with it evolving into different subgenres like riddim and terror squad and deathstep and melodic and etc) i can imagine that it could develop even more subgenres. Now fuck if i know what they will sounds like but thats probably what will happen

OH yeah kinda like metal with its 50 or whatever subgenres. Yeah sounds like a logical step.

Well, that’s a different discussion really. I bet we’ll have lots of new genres by then. Altho I’m not sure, maybe we’ve discovered all genres now… and we’re just gonna get off-shoots and upgrades indefinitely

Well you don’t really “discover” a new genre per se