Where can i find Midnight Request Line VIP?

Do you know where i can find a clean and complete version of this tune?


Looks like it might be a dubplate.

All I can find is this

Thank you, i know it’s a dubplate but i was thinking that he might have leaked it.

Oh, fair enough.

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If we all jump on him like he jumped on house he might give it us :facepunch:


Longer version here

Its a dubplate still, only ever heard Plastician & Artwork play it out (maybe Chef as well but not sure)

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Do you suggest a spam raid? :laughing:

this is a nice 1



It only shows up as a download link if you delete system 32.

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can i go have a shower now

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i got 2 coki dubplate mp3s for real tho

Drop the loot you want to duplicate and hit Alt+F4.

Love midnight request line. Grime right? Having troube with the two step, grime, and garage thing.

It’s a dubstep tune.

I know, but i wanna know the specific subgenre

Garage came first, got darker and split into dubstep and grime.

I heard Midnight Request Line was a grime tune before Skream changed it to a dubstep track. Crazy how it became the first dubstep anthem in 2005 when the scene was picking up steam.

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