Where do you think dubstep is going?


I listened all the way thru which says something.
liked the intro
offput by nasal whine & inane lyric
intrigued by almost-orchestral density & variation
and ultimately thought that if there was more space & less mania
could lead somewhere
tho not dubstep imo.


Inane lyrics are my thing, so I’m gonna ignore that part for now.
Nasal vocals are a problem. I can fix that.

When you say more space…
Less instruments, or more space EQ-wise?

Not quite dubstep, mixing heavy guitars/dubstep is tricky. I’m working my
way to that.

The second link is a guy I know that does it better.
This is probably a post for another thread.


I love how you say it, you get likes…but when I say it isn’t dubstep, I get people arguing with me :joy::joy:


He provided good examples to strengthen his argument, thus making it easier for people to comprehend the point he’s trying to make.


I provided boddika, Joy Orbison and a few other examples iirc


I think some of the confusion here is because “swamp” is another name the brostep kiddies use for “riddim” style tearout so when people talk about “swamp81” but just refer to it just as “swamp” a lot of the bro kids think you’re talking about tearout




I just went to a Nero show the other day and it really brought dubstep back to my mind and just how influential it was in my early discovery phases of getting into electronic music. Back in 07-08 it seemed everything in the scene was about dubstep and how it was dying. Even though at the time it was still very new to me. Now 7-8 years have passed by and my taste in the electronic music has evolved quite a bit since then.
Whereas I used to listen to non-stop dubstep back then now days I tend to listen to deep house and chill music, or any fusion of genres with a good melody. Although on a dance floor house tracks and electro beats have always been essential to getting people in the right mood to party.
I think of dubstep more of an umbrella term these days since it has no clear definition asides from massive wobbles and grinding basslines. Much like everything tastes change and so do genres. Though Nero did an awesome job of mixing his older dubstep tracks with a heavy dose of house beats so I can argu the genre is not dead but it is definitely changed quite a bit.
More or less I think its just evolved into other genres currently, perhaps waiting for an artist or group of artists to reinvigorate some soul back into the sound kinda the like the feeling you got from listening to it back in the day. Which for cats like me were the first time they had heard such powerful basslines used in songs.


are you related to paul rose?




thanks for sharing your story Matt


you rang? :no_mouth:


sadly i dont think so


Well done dsf on delivering another truly 10/10 thread. An exceptional(ly embarrassing) read.


I knocked :chicken:


Have you guys heard of this new genre called Dubstepubotomon?


Dubstepubotomon is so 2014 m8…



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Has brostep changed/advanced since 2009? I feel like the only thing is that the kids who knew jack back then caught up on sound design and are rinsing old shit to death.
Before that I feel like there was a periodic shift/lineage type of dynamic where every now and then someone would come through with a new take on it all, these days whenever I hear it it just seems stagnant. Feels like Skrillex was the end of the line, chronologically speaking.


Funny: I hear bro sounds in non-bro music a lot these days.

That’s where it went…

Presets killed the EDM star.