Where do you think dubstep is going?


Haha what on earth is this youngsta not playing dubstep nonsense all about.

Even his show is first half more 130 ish stuff, then guest mix then straight 140 after that.
Hell I personally witnessed him do a 3 deck dubstep set atleast 3 times a few weeks back and will be again in a few more weeks haha.

Look here is a video of his new 120 disco house direction.

Alot of others haven’t exactly left, they have just been doing in for 10 years, so I imagine it would be pretty hard to stay glued to more or less within 5bpm of 140 and the same vibe for years and years.


lol in that interview he’s talking about loefah. bigging him up for doing what he wanted to do.


I can say without clicking that it’s a video of the boat party.

edit: I was right. :cornlol:


haha it was put up by himself, to 100% confirm what im saying :gunfinger:


Chicks at a 120 disco house event:

Chicks at most dubstep events now:

Sellout. :expressionless:


Oh no. They arent wearing bare make up and skimpy outfits.


This place is flipping bizarre sometimes.


Weren’t it 138 at one time and even slower than that.


Rave girls haven’t really changed since the '90’s.


I heard some songs in the recent excision mix and I’m glad to see soft/liquid dubstep coming back a little. I haven’t heard any solid chill songs that came out post 2012. All the soft shit was chords-growl-chord-growl…now it’s going back to chord-chord-chord-chord.


Check out chord marauders


They’re sick. I just got Geode’s Plankton Gravy. Had to paypal him directly for it because the CM site doesn’t seem to fuck with non-uk addresses.


that picture makes no sense

chicks at dubstep nights look like women in clubs everywhere else in my experience, like tights and some blouse top or whatever

having said that, at this DNB night i went to there genuinely were rasta junglist soldier camo pants girls lol, big up them


lol yeah didnt get that post either

the ladies in the top picture look like something I’d expect to see in coachella '11 or something. lol.

chicks at any given genre-dedicated night mostly look the same. it’s more about where that particular night is happening


I have a picture of some girls lined up for a local trap/edm show… Dubstep shows probably get girls in all black and a couple thousand dollar poorer.


wait, do they have separate queues for men & women?
bun it


5$ for women 10$ for dudes


chicks at most dubstep events now

nah, that’s what they looked like in 06 here:
relaxed, not concerned with looks or acting sexy
(can’t remember any that were victims of domestic violence though, like the girl on the right
or who wore zinc cream inside like the one on the left
but there were some with big mouths & snaggly teeth)
anyway they disappeared & were replaced by the skinny, black-garbed trendoids
who in turn fell away to fat chicks out for a wild night
(cleared a big section of the floor dancing the rhumba with a few of them to 50 000 watts)
around 2010 was a sausage fest with no femmes
but then they came back as teenagers who could really dance & liked grabbing a bloke’s butt
& ,at the last truly dubstep gig I went to, they were becoming skinny fashionistas again.

I’m kinda nostalgic for the scruffy types as above.


swamp aint dubstep. i mean yeah the first handful of releases are of course, but after that no. loefah has said in interviews a few times that hes trying to put out music that emulates/is influenced by drum machine music of the 80s/90s, i.e. electro and jackin’ chicago stuff, for example…

the drexciya is basically a swamp tune, done 15-20 years earlier… it’s all rehashed sounds tbh


I’m trying, with limited success. I don’t have a lot available yet, But here’s one of my favs:

Here’s one of my friends doing some interesting things with dubstep and heavy guitar: