Where do you think dubstep is going?


no good arguing with me, take it up with him

around the 9 mins 40 seconds part.

argue with me about it as much as you want, I am just quoting from the man himself.


Moved on from playing strictly dubstep maybe


you sure he wasn’t on about loefah, just speaking from his perspective. cause he was literally talking about loefah moving on before he said that


big deal
’bout time Youngsta moved along
must’ve bin brain-deadeningly boring playing only-dung sets
for the kids coming in to become retrospectively cool.


Pretty sure if you watch it, he’s talking about himself. I’ve heard him play tunes slower than 140 and that horrible dnb tune by some guy called Danny I believe that was posted in the outlook thread.

Pretty sure no-one would ask Loefah to play dubstep because everyone knows he’s about his swamp set with a few dmz tunes here and there.


Swamp is dubstep…


Is it really? Boddika and Joy Orbison are dubstep? Nah it’s just a mixed genre label catering to a particular sound.


People like you are the reason people like him stopped doing dubstep.


And why’s that? Technically you’re also putting his music in a box, he’s never called his music dubstep. Think about it next time.


“I’ve heard him play stuff lower than 140” Is a good example.
And while that’s true, there was a time when people didn’t feel like they had to actively rebel against dubstep.


Youngsta sometimes playing a different kind of set doesn’t mean he’s left dubstep you know. Also youngsta goes on about people doing research before coming in demanding dubstep. Eg loefah set at contact, guy recently gets into dubstep and knows about loefah and goes loefah plays swamp tunes, guys like wth this isn’t Goat Stare asks loefah to play dubstep. That’s just how I see it


Yeah well I don’t really listen to the youngsta mixes on rinse much if not at all anymore, as i don’t have lots of free time much, I pretty much only listen to nicey boy on sub.fm, so I don’t really know, I’m just quoting what youngsta said.

Yeah but that’s like 1 guy. 1 guy isn’t really sufficient evidence that everyone does that and I should’ve been more specific in that everyone that is really into the scene and is not just a casual dubstep scene fan, knows loefah only plays swamp with a few dmz tunes in there.


well it was just an example and tbf if I didn’t join dsf I wouldn’t have known loefah essentially left the scene. I’m retarded though so that may not be the best example


I just used to ghost the old dsf forum


i dont even know how i found it, was pretty late into my “dubstep listening time” though


I always more into hospital records when I first started listening. Older brother introduced me to the scene.


There was a time when dubstep was not the bitch of a mere BPM.

140 = tyranny. :skull:


Blame ImageLine.


interestingly, i installed the demo for FL12 recently and the default BPM on a new project is now… 130

IL on that keysound tip and all


imageline basically founded 130, blackdown forgot to change the bpm one day cause he couldnt be fucked