Where do you think dubstep is going?


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Lol I remember Getter as that “Suh dude” meme guy from a while back. If you guys follow the grime scene a lot and know Impey (Bangclap producer) he had a huge twitter beef with him calling him out on being a nonce for acting like a truhead know it all. One of the most hilarious things I’ve seen all year tbh. Literally, an underground grime / club track producer who made some anthems was beefing up with a living meme.

Back on topic to the OP’s question, I wish dubstep would cross over with other genres (not in a hilariously mediocre way, like how brostep artists add -step as a suffix to shitty subgenres). I don’t remember the last time I really payed attention to the scene but it has definitely caused a lot of ruptures within other scenes as well.

This track is essentially a dub techno track with trap / hip-hop type percussions and some autonomic drum and bass influences if you hear close enough. But this was made by a former dungeon producer. A lot of producers back in 2011-2012 really branched out now to other genres, but the dubstep influence is still prevalent in their works.


Dubstep is here to stay. What I think it will happen is due to the ease of synthesis with Serum, there will be a huge saturation of new producers which will force Dubstep to expand into other styles and subgenres like trapstep for example.


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Like most DJs who do, he’s probably been paid to do so.


bit of a reach on this one, I think they just gave him a pair or two and now he acts like hes sponsored lol.


That songs pretty awesome.


Brostep will be around for a while. There’ll be another incarnation born out of another genre, but suburban teen boys will always gravitate to anything they think will make people be afraid of them or at least be taken seriously.

Think about it: who buys Slipknot shirts, thinks Juggalos are cool, or believes Pacino in Scarface was just a misunderstood guy?


Could be. Maybe he’s hoping for more, or then he doesn’t feel like he would need anything else for DJing. Beats are not full of crap after all, they’re just overpriced af. Drop that price from 300$ or whatever to around 100$ and it sounds fine.


Aren’t Beats those headphones that turned out to have weights built into them to make them seem heavier or more substantial than they are?




Yeah…my rule of thumb is if the company is trying really hard to make it’s product “seem” great without having the specs to back it up, it’s probably shit.


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Pretty sure the Silk Road Assassins lot were a bunch of dungeon producers like 4 - 5 years ago. Even though their style of production & their output has completely changed I feel like this track really brings out their previous influences. The drum patterns stylized like dubstep with kick on 1 snare on 3rd beat (dubstep’s always been compared with hip hop anyways) but the tempo for this track is brought down to around 120ish. Not to mention the whole menacing atmosphere reeks of that claustrophobic atmosphere from dungeon except with a glowing sci-fi twist.

A lot of producers who showed a lot of potential really moved away from the scene and really glowed up elsehwere. TBH if you stick with a scene and get labeled, and the scene’s not cool anymore, nobody’s going to care about you. Who still remembers any dungeon producers who were at it around 2011 when it got big? AFAIK, Wen [Keysound] ended up moving towards a grime palette but now he’s making some big experimental beats rn, Lurka is making straight up techno now (pretty good imo), and fuck knows where the producers who put up dungeon tracks in soundcloud 4-5 years ago. This one producer I know, Scalade, is making some wavey hip hop / trap stuff now. There still are a lot of talented truheads, but even they branched out to other scenes, just like how Tempa is releasing non-140 tracks and Tectonic is on a roll with non-dubstep stuff. Granted all the shitty EDM fuckstep is still going to top beatport charts and get reported on trend blogs but the underground’s still bubbling up.


On the left, all of the components that actually do something. On the right, four pieces of metal designed specifically to add weight to the product.


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re Getter’s Hamface
yr right, the wobble is Coki-ish wobble
which I don’t mind along with the playful dank aspect


I wanna get back to topic a bit and jump off of what you’re saying @Doctor_Dave, I personally think that’s where dubstep is going and has been going for some time, the return to the vibe without concern for tempo. Much early dubstep is sub-140, around 136-138 but sometimes slower. I don’t think it necessarily needs to be 140 for it to be dubstep anymore and I think that’s what most of the labels are realizing at this point.


I wish I was this brilliantly timed on investing lol but in all seriousness Metalstep is a subgenre that I dig a lot those powerful growls with riffs sure correlate with each other.


Real talk everyone agrees coki gets booked because he’s compa dmz. Also landing on a vibe in reason 201x isn’t even hard math.