Where do you think dubstep is going?


this is the new Ipman, i rate it a lot.

something a bit different.


"Would be better if he half-stepped the drums and added some emphasis on the snare. Apart the tempo being off (hows anyone gona be able to mix it) the bass could use a little bit of chorus. "


this reminds me a lot of those 2011-ish ‘dubstep excursions’ when a lot of producers used rhythms like that, experimenting with ghetto/footwork and techno etc


i loved those times tbh


isn’t that heavy techno?
the sub pulses are ds influenced
but with that insistent beat there’s no room for a step




woii, whats this one called?


There’s beats branded laptops too that come at premium prices. Someone looked into it more and posted a video of what the beats software was doing, and all it was doing was some shit graphic EQ with the bass boosted to 10. The youtube video was linked on the original dsf a few years ago, I’ll see if I can find it.



Big plate


Man that’s awesome. Sounds like what I want to make except for the fact that I’ll never be able to make it lol


heard this?


All of my musical efforts were for naught :stuck_out_tongue:


in the toilet duh


so you’re saying i’m the future of dubstep. AWESOME

adapt or die, bitches… get off your old played out sounds…

and aside from the very clever play on words that has me literally laughing out loud, you have reinforced my opinions about DSF being a viable place for producers to congregate and learn from each other. i’ve met enough people with constructive attitudes here to continue to network with them without douchie shit like this getting in the way.


we all float down here


Honestly thought it was a troll post based on the wording : (


tru vomithed


Lol… adapt or die. Bro you’re making shit that’s been played out “in the US” for like 6 years. I doubt you could make a case for a vomitstep revival ft. Rusko being more current than dungeon even. I’m sure you meant this allegorically so I ain’t mad at it but it’s still p lolz.


what the fuck is vomitstep?