Which DAW do you use? [POLL]

I know there is already a similar thread, just wanted to have a poll to quickly see numbers…

So, which DAW do you use? If ‘Other’ please give details and reason for choosing :+1:


  • Ableton
  • Cubase
  • FL
  • Logic
  • Pro Tools
  • Reason
  • Other[/poll]

i bet no one uses protools


if noone used protools it wouldnt exist

I mean in here. I use it all the time when recording but never for sequencing haha

Transitioning currently. Was using Logic 9. But haven’t installed it on the new macbook and don’t think I will. CUrrently learning FCPX and After Effects. Got Ableton 8 installed, but really not written a tune in it yet.

I dont think i’ve ever heard of people composing/sequencing on protools except poser black guys on youtube who make those “lease 319 beats for 99 cents!” + “make lex luger style beats” youtube bits.

Interesting Pete, any reason you’re not continuing with Logic? Or you just want to try a new DAW?

A few reasons, the main one, is, for my style at least, I know Logic really well. So unless I have a specific idea for a tune or a story to tell, I just sit in front of Logic bored. I’m not into synthesis and sitting around tweaking noises really doesn’t appeal to me.

I’ve used Ableton for live performances with my band and really enjoyed it, but have no idea how to write in it, so the change of workflow, the much lauded session view, some new instruments, a new more live centric method of producing would suit me much better I think.

Not sure if that makes sense, but it essentially boils down to me being piss bored of Logic.

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makes total sense and I’m in the same boat with Cubase, been using it since day dot and have stubbornly stuck with it, but I’m starting to think about changing cos my workflow could be faster and more intuitive. I like the look of FL and Ableton so might force myself to use one of them.

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I know for a fact that the guys at Stargate, who has worked with Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Ne-Yo, Rihanna etc. mainly work in Pro Tools.

edit poll to have dubturbo pls


i use ableton but i got a cubase cd w/ my interface

just the cd looks scary

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studio one

so easy to do anything with it for me at least

Pro tools is great but u have to buy expensive hardware to really get it working and its deffo not geared toward sequencing imo

I’m shocked FL Studio is at 20% …I mean I started out with FL 7 (still using a discount student license I bought for 80 dollars…lol…) Also, surprised Logic is only at 5% when I was helping a friend get his head around it (and mine since it was new to me) seemed pretty legit.

I just see no reason to change now that I know it so well. I’m skeptical about version 12 though…

Yea…@Samuel_L_Damnson from what I know of PT MIDI implementation is far below what the average ITB producer is going to need.

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I started off with logic before i moved to ableton… logic is ugly

Pro Tools’ midi is fine these days, but it’s more geared towards audio because that’s
its roots. It’s not a surprise that big name producers use it, because they actually
make recordings :slight_smile: It is still the industry standard for audio recording and editing and
that’s what I use it for too. For any job in audio it’s very likely that you’d need to know
Pro Tools. Maybe Nuendo.
What hardware are you referring to Sam Damn? You can use it with any basic
interface really.

If you want great midi sequencing you want Cubase or Reason :grin:

I’m currently using Reason, Maschine and PT.

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FL piano roll <3

fair play on the “actual recordings” comment though :slight_smile:


Ableton Live with a strong lead. I remember when it was the scruffly kid from around the corner.

yeah FL piano roll is bossanova. I’m an Ableton guy but I wish we had FL’s roll