Why is Drum & Bass / Juke in the same Category?

They are so not the same.

Maybe BPM wise sometimes but that is not the same.

Completely different vibes and cultures.

Someone please explain.

Should be Drum & Bass / Jungle

Juke / Footwork/ Ghettotech / Jit or something in another category.

both genres were created by black people and then utterly pissed upon by white people pretending to be black people


cause that’s how boomkat has it tagged so it must be accurate

cos noone ever posts about either more than once a week so why not combine them rather than have 2 seperate empty sections

and people like om unit bring the 2 together quite nicely

yeah but that’s like saying why isn’t there a reggae/techno sub forum just because dub techno is a thing

Kinda agree, will split them up.

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Not that different. It’s like Beats vs dubstep, the’re basically different sides of the same coin.
Or like Schrodinger vs Heisenberg.

they only separated it because of all the Moritz fanboys with their cringy quotes.

the more you know…

lol wot not the same thing at all. 2 very different scenes that come from different influences. just because they collided for a brief period doesn’t mean it’s the same thing/


If you look at what those musics were in the context of the musical history, and then consider the amount of similarities between the two genres, the only difference is garage and hip hop, which themselves aren’t unrelated. It’s all system music, so apples never fall too far from certain trees.

poor excuse for a joke; I’ll stop now.

lol ok.

Isn’t that what people say when they don’t have an actual response but want to let you know that they just disagree with you?
I think it is.

that just means i don’t wanna discuss anything with you jesslem

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All done.