yo, any advice on making the classic uk dubstep ‘BWob’ ‘Wob’ sound,

as in pinch tunes, cluekid, cotti, kromestar

i can generally get an ok sound from using lfo on a sound (usually sine) and fiddling a bit

i have 0 clue about automating that shit though to make it sound more pro/interesting

if u wanna just post sick wobblers go 4 it m8

well since you said that…

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Without this tune I would probably be making brostep or some shit :smile:

I tried to make one and here is what I got

(Ignore the drums I didn’t really do anything with them just gave it more of a feel to have them in there)

It’s a sub and a triangle wave with heavy unison. Some distortion chorus and flanger. I’m automating the volume. I think it’s a bit too low and needs some more mids and it would sound better.

Sounds like it’s just a sound low passed, just pick any waveform, throw an LPF on it and adjust the LFO to taste.

A sine wave might also work on it’s own with a tad of distortion / overdrive.

As far as automation, not too sure, maybe just effect the intensity of the LFO, as well as the rate of it?

Could also try combining an AMP envelope with the filter cut-off to get new sounds.

combining lfo types is a good call

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whats so fucking impressive about a wobble

I though this was your thread at first


it’s not about trying to impress people, it’s about making people lose their shit in the club.

yeah man, bring the wobble back!

If everyone is 30 and older in the club ad people are chillin you not going to have skrillex play

have some crazy stuff but mostly good old classics

I find them kind of hypnotic…

Love how “YouTube truheds” are always like m8 dubstep never used to have drops or wobbles, fkn brostep

i’m a real sucker for an old school wobbler, make a lot of tunes that i keep to myself in that vein, looking to make more impressive sounding ones and apply them to new contexts atm

cheers everyone for response

dis the #1 wobbler for me

rsd used em tastefully too

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i like the roteks u pussi

great now im gonna listent o a million dubsteps on youtube good job

and it continues to take, more than that, u get a first hand look at the mind of a killer

b b b b b b
b b b b b b b

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oh yea kryptic minds killed dubstep rip