Your favorite mixdowns

Inspired by discussion in random production, lets hear some of your favorite mixdowns.

Gonna start with this off with a classic.

You can listen to this at any volume and the power still comes through. At low, its a calming bath of sound, on a rig its a tectonic beat straight from the core of the planet.


the texture in this track
plus the depth the verb brings
and the low pitch drums

    • making that ‘mess’ work etc
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so much of the music I listen to on the regs is awfully mixed so I’m kinda rusty in even thinking of great mixdowns for tracks I actually like. Don’t really bump this at all but I remember my mate played it loads in sets for a while and its got that perfect fake lofiness where it’s warm and crackly but actually mixed with dead precision. That hard combo of Space + warmth

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This has that slightly too-edgy high end that a lot of mixtape trap mixdowns have, but it does it so well IMO. The fully commercial rap/trap releases like Future, Young Thug, ASAP Mob etc to me soften/tighten everything up too much. You want that sharp little bite from the snare/hi hat and this whole mixtape does that well while still having a nice spacious dynamic low, clear vocals and everything.

It’s not quite great commercial mixing but it’s how I’d like trap to be mixed rather than this kinda mix:

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exactly, lol :sunglasses:

this is also some great fake lofi, so satistfying and crunchy.


Last one, this ones a legit amazing one imo:

so “big” and satistfying but so dynamic with the sax fading in and out and being audible at rly low and high levels, lowpassed and not etc. Great chunky hi hats. fantastic tune too.

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Always loved the way all the different elements sit in this track. All in their own space, but working together seamlessly

The video of it on YouTube seems to have been removed, but I love the drums on believe the bass. Proper punchy and the sub is immense


i need to be drunk to listen to that harkat
but i think id agree

the mio mio drums are cool tho

which fuckin DSF regular doesnt love this mixdown

shit feels so loose like some wu tang shit but mad punchy and “sound designed” like vex’d or some shit too


Meant the flip, but yeah that’s a blinder too

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basically EVERYTHING from R&S is mixed down in crazy dynamic way. the sub sits just right. punchy, deep and weighty but still shit’s clear as fuck. no mud at all.
then that superbe midrange where usually a rimshot sits. they always get me. has all the space to unfold.
also the vocals - always sitting right in front of you - with all the intimacy - but still being distant enough to keep that magic going…
and then there is the empty upper range of the frequency band… empty because there are only some hihats… but: that (modulated?) tapehiss just stuns me.

ok. i admit. i’m a fanboy of r&s…:smiley:


fuckin hell, that is a great tune, excited to check the rest of what you posted after i get off work today.

yeah that tape hiss…it hits you right in the center of your brain

this one has been fuckin me up lately


Dego of 4Hero pon di controls.


Thick, murky and delicate. Can’t be easy to achieve

Probably any Djrum, but this does sound gorgeous.

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oh lord its a banga