Your favorite mixdowns



‘PFM - One & Only ‘ sounds so clean, ffs no videos anywhere


just good ones



Everything is just so crisp, nothing here is out of place

Maybe not technically the best mixdown as it still has a bit of grit to it but every sound in this feels alive and organic, That’s something I struggle with

Skeptical is just a mixdown wizard tbf


Rut is one of my favourite tunes ever, such a good tool aswell



regarding rut i read joe spends months on mixdowns. perfectionist.



fuck, that panning is rude af, amongst the other rude mixing decisions made on this tune > > >

was just listening to his releases on BSI the other day, some of Muslimgauze’s best im(humble)o. Shit was well before its time, absolute shame he died so early on, he had so much to give.


He was a genius. In my top 10 for sure. Also he’s kinda the gift that keeps on giving. Soooo many releases after he died. Can’t even imagine how much time he spent in the studio.



and thanks for sharing that. That harsh panning has just starting brewing some ideas in my mind. Love when you get reminded of the ‘simple’ techniques and how powerful they can be (esp when used ‘wrong’)


yess, really nice blend of some looser sounding ‘analog’ vibes with surgical precision on the stereo field and overall sound design. Very “trippy” but not overly done, quite restrained. I’d not heard this one before and im quite the fan of Rrose, thanks for sharing man


jheeze, its been a while since i’ve listened to Rut, gully production and mix, absolute mastery of playing with the reverb/space juxtaposed with the rhythm of the tune. I love that balance of playful and serious, moves ya shoulders while your brain is ticking away decoding it.


heres one I’ve been really enjoying lately, some cool volume automation where its like sorta natural sounding but also harsh enough to remind you that he’s making the most of a digital workflow (early example is when he chops the volume for the little vocal snippet in the intro). The tune gets pretty crazy at times sonically and it always maintains a certain chilled out mixdown, very controlled but not sterile.

and an all time favorite, I still cant get over how fucking rude this mix is, the tape crunch on the beat, some pretty nice fx automation on the beat, the sidechain on the samples, the vocals with that janky ass room reverb right in your face, somehow its all balanced and bangs out. Def get a sick sense of someone who has just enough info on the rackmount gear they have to make sound come out and enough lean to mix the mess into something genius. Memphis perfection

bonus long play tape rip


Yup pretty much sums up Hessle all over for me and Hemlock


thanks for reminding me


Yess! Such a good dj tool too


yeah! and since im paying attention to the mixing etc rn more that usual, noticing some p cool automation starting at 4:42, that bleepy noise, you can tell he’s programming the automation but does nice work to make it sound more like a natural fader ride, then it just cuts completely (very digital), nice reminder of dub techniques in a digital world. I dont know if it was ‘on purpose’ but thats how i take it haha

gonna try to take a more organic approach to my own automation after hearing that, as i said earlier, nice to be reminded of the simple techniques that are easy to gloss over in the digi world


Electric Wizard - Dopethrone / Return Trip

Calyx & Teebee - Make Your Choice

DMZ - Ancient Memories OG

Hidden Agenda - On the roof

Photek - ni ten ichi ryu

Mobb Deep - Still Shinin


Dirty city is just so fucking good overall, hnggg. Really love where he leaves the gaps in where the samples/loops all start over again. The commodore 64 tracker workflow worked to absolute perfection. Emotion and technique coming together; prob the best drum and bass tune ever. To my likkle ear holes at least.

bonus vid for anyone who hasnt seen: