Your favorite mixdowns


He’s a really chill dude too. He came over with an amiga and played out of that. I think maybe he dats his breaks in the studio (or maybe thats just how they are best stored since the 90s) but he definitely has beats on floppy disk when he plays out, because he took one out and changed the break and was worried hed lost one until we found it again back stage. I guess its maybe a set up worked out from when jungle was more a thing every weekend at squats.

Definitely has a specific way of craft to his drum sound.
I prefer source directs sound and teebees drums though hehe. But a great deep producer that does get his drums right which is a PROBLEM today.


Okay so you know that thing of turning percussive sound into ‘clangs’, like fucking with the tail of a drum sound for example going into a plate verb - then using wave table distortion on top of that, like gradually automating it like you would a bitcrush or something like that, can lead some unique results

often overlooked as an effect imo

you probabloy know, it just popped out of my mind now :blush:


idk if i would call this a favourite, but i like this mixdown, pretty big and in your face, but each element seems to have its place and stand on it’s own.

mad weight too


I like this mix


it shows


Say what you want about riddim

50 carrot is a talented and creative dude with mixdowns this detailed and sounding this good


damn this mix of this tune was only on the original single 12 and it sounds sooo much better than the CD version everyones heard, raw and mixdowny but so much weight


Oh fuck


Whole album is just pure digital bliss.
1st track:

4th track:

Love the artwork too:


Damn, I like a lot of old Kromestar bits, his productions were a bit simpler (I mean fewer sounds), but they were as big as today. Also pure fun tunes as well.

As for my fav mixdowns (or rather sound design) here goes:

(I love this whole album)

This man is a wizard, just love this release, got that warm sound, and it’s wide but not too distracting, and when the breaks come in you hear the individual effects as well.

This goes off in a club, and when listening to it at home with headphones or speakers, the wide shuffley high freq content just adds subtle details, and the pads are nice and wide but not too distracting.

Had to add this last, just a whole lot of things happening with each soundtrack, Reitzell actually uses his own homemade instruments for some sounds as well.