-Youtube Linking is DOWN-

We arnt sure why but we do know about it.

Hopefully @4ndY has some idea as to why.

Post your browser/ OS and maybe we can narrow it down.

Browser: Opera
Browser: Chrome

OS: Win 7
Browser: Firefox

Also doesn’t work on Safari on my iPhone. Will check my mac in a bit.

OS: Wind 7
Browser: Firefox 42

If the video is part of a playlist, then the embed will work.

OS: Mac OS X 10.7.5
Browser: Firefox 42.0

same issue on iOS 9.2

OS: Windows 10
Browser: Firefox

OS: Mac OS X 10.9.5
Browser: Safari

OS Windows 7, browser Firefox. Also use my Android phone and chrome

OS Win 8.1
Browser Chrome


Browser: Google Chrome

Also, what’s this about?

Get it at the top of every page I load up here. Who’s chatting to me?

Tbh, given how far this is going I think it’s an internal issue. Something with this platform.

OS Win 7
Bowser Firefox 42

im fine, chrome windows tenwalls

for the meantime in case anyone hasn’t see me make one or two posts about it, you can still post youtube links like this so people can copy/paste em if they wanna check em out

(5 spaces before link)



u know it b

OSX Yosemite
Netscape Navigator

OS Windows 7
Browser: Chrome

Seems to be working on my phone.

iPhone 5, safari

Not working in Firefox, Chrome or Safari.