ZamZam Appreciation


just copped this one too…


Oh jeez


sounding heavy



& a nomine one forthcoming too >>>



any clips of these?


Not that I’m aware of. Really hope the LAS one has something off the blacklist mix, that mix is so good!


Didn’t saw that one coming!


from ~41:30 in this mix is LAS Travelling


Just…all of the :gunfinger:'s.


So good!



Bladdy 'ell m8


I was going through my Zam Zam records the other day and realised that my copy of RSD - Perfect Timing was sent to me with the wrong sleeve on, it’s got the sleeve from the Badawi/Ladyman release on instead.

Has anybody out there got the Badawi release with the RSD sleeve on?


jsut bagged 027 for the dub side this morning. It popped back up on redeye. Quality jam imo. Let the RSD one slide for some other bit i really wanted.


b side on that is really my type of jam rn.


I’ve got two copies of the RSD release one has the Badawi artwork as well. I ordered RSD and Badawi and got sent two RSD in diff artwork lol


Proud to announce that I’ve just been signed to ZamZam Sounds. Big up DSF!

From Instagram
zamzamsounds: E3 will be repping ZamZam to the fullest alongside the mighty @innamindrecs crew and one of our newest signings #Tetrad - LA June 3rd at the Dragonfly. :fire::fire::fire:


big up doggy, the tunes have been getting a big response from everyone that’s heard em so far.


That’s wicked! Any audio for forthcoming stuff?