ZamZam Appreciation


Large up guys! ZamZam hasn’t posted the audio yet, but it’s going to be these two tracks:


big up man! that 2nd one is great especially!


big up man, nice one, been listening to the tetrad stuff on sc




J Sparrow hinting that he’s got a Zam Zam incoming too :slight_smile: interested to see what he’s got lined up for it


Haven’t bought a zamzam release yet, wondering how the pressing quality on those 7"s is. Maybe it’s my history with punk records and cheap diy releases but usually a 7" meant the sound quality was utter shit. Do these pack a punch?


yeah, the cuts are super proper. e3 - nubian dub is actually one of the heaviest plates i own. Typically have to push the trim almost all the way up to mix older 7s with 12" on my mixer. These only take a lil push to get volume matched.

A few of them are well quiet tho, but I’d say 90% of the catalogue is near perfect in terms of mix/master/cut


they sound great, a tiny bit quiet vs a 12 but nothing a slight bump in gain. the bass and sound quality is sick. only issue is cueing 7"s haha


Yeah I’ve taken to just using the outside of the slipmat like its a 12 lol, too much torque on the 7 itself


hahaha same! good to know im not the only one


Lol yeah I try cue with the slipmat. If it needs adjusting use the pitch.

As for sound quality they’re great as others have said, maybe a bit quiet if anything but that’s what the gain is for. Wouldn’t say any lack low end or anything, just volume which is easily fixed.

Just brought the most recent 3, still have every single release. Fell in love with the label straight away and I’ve been buying religiously since.



I’m a religious buyer of zam zam too. Will just buy them on sight and trust that they’ll be good.

Can’t think of a single one that I don’t like.


theres a few softer ones but in general im always excited to peep new releases.


Yeah I always buy them without hearing them, never been let down.

The recent remix eps on their sister label are a bit flat I thought. The Ishan sound special in particular.




@Riddles @swerver @Databoi big up y’all!

Re: @Neel on ZamZam’s sound (no pun intended), every 7 I’ve got plays just fine along with 10s and 12s as far as volume goes, there may be a bit of boosting of the gain involved but generally they sound really heavy. In particular the recent LAS release is veryyyy nice on the bass end. May have to do with differences in mixers too.


loooooool I gotta say…that just looks kinda cute to me. :joy:


[quote]ZamZam Sounds ‏@ZamZamSounds 33 minutes ago
Two scorchers from Compa shipping at the end of the month alongside ZamZam 40. Can’t wait to unleash these :fire::fire::fire:[/quote]


Don’t realy like what i’ve heard of this tune so far.