ZamZam Appreciation


for those interested


Just played last night with the Innamind and ZamZam guys, LAS, Mikael, Kursk, and E3. Wow. That was amazing. Everyone threw down hard, and the system kicked, but the highlight for me was LAS “Omega Dub” on the Funkworks system…man, my soul rattled to that tune. (that, as well as E3 dropping my tunes on acetate, and just getting to play on such a big system was amazing)

I gotta tell you guys, Ezra E3 and his wife Tracy are just the best people. Wonderful energy, very kind, and appreciative of their artists. You can really tell. Feels good to support a label that’s run by such great individuals.

Anyways I met Ezra face to face for the first time yesterday, and he gave me the test press for my release with ZamZam. I guess I’ll be ZAMZAM46. Here’s a picture below.


Got nothing to say but share my biggest ups.


Really appreciate it man :slight_smile:


Limited time download of a cassette mix rip for reaching 5000 fb followers


Listened to the first part yesterday. Serious business. Are these tunes old, new, forthcoming, or what?


E3s remixes are generally better than the OG tunes in my experience haha. Big tunes


Shit I’m just gonna answer myself since I did not realize it’s a rip of this casette mix

Love that first tune! Need to familiarize myself with Zam Zam’s back catalogue


Second tune in is a forthcoming one by Versa on ZamZam, sounding lovely



Some people told me they were sad that I pulled the previews for my release from Soundcloud but ZamZam just posted the vinyl rips so here, enjoy y’all:


Tetrad bit now on redeye…


yeah it’s alright, i’ll probs cop it i guess…


:stuck_out_tongue: big up for the share and support guys


was a no-brainer really, both sides quality, big up…copped the Emperor T one too


hell yeah, that Emperor-T release is fire, love the vibes


Big releases this month mate, big up





ZamZam Sounds

Remember that special gift we mentioned to celebrate 5 years and 50 releases? Every copy of ZamZam 50 will ship with a full color poster documenting the art of ZamZam 1-49.