Zomby thread

this wont ever live up to the old zomby thread but here we go


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you should put a link to his twitter in the thread title.

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we’re gonna need this


the synths in this one oh my


Don’t forget about the twitter account @zombydeleted that posts pictures of every tweet zomby posted then deleted a few minutes later :laughing:.



lol what

kinda mad how much he deletes, i see his tweets then 2 minutes later they all come up on that deleted account

he posted something about people stealing other peoples work/style

and i tried posting natalia’s song on it but he’d already deleted it haha


He chats soooooooooooooooooooooo much shit on twitter about his “music” its reaching parody levels.

Guy puts out like nothing and talks about how hes making music from the future or that he spent 2 days on one sound or some nonsense.
Wheres the music zomby? wheres the actual none plagiarised music?


edit: nvm

uh look at thisissovereign’s post

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lol, perfect!

cultivating the online persona is now his full-time job. he was posting that frog picture from 4chan the other day lol.

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fucking normie etc etc

I’ve always been down with Zomby. I don’t understand all the hate. Everything he says makes perfect sense.

I’m sorry, but this is my kind of man. NerxHermerx.

The best.


^ that’s one of those tunes you can drop on every crowd, little matter the circumstances. they think dubstep’s shit and don’t wan’t to get dancing, just give this a spin and they’ll change their minds. in that regard it’s very similar to Vancouver, Neverland, Clap Trap etc.

all those tracks are outstanding obviously, but clap trap especially always amazes me in terms of how well people respond to it. ive heard it played out in so many different contexts (festivals, empty floors, packed floors) by different djs and people go nuts for it every time. plus it’s the ultimate 3rd deck tool

love rumours and revelations

i really dig the guys music like, he’s potentially in my top 5 producers, the way he switches genres and styles but there’s always this zomby vibe tying it together, and the synths always sound amazing and there’s always a really melodic sense

it’s just a shame i have to base that on that big zip file of radio rips rather than actual releases (i haven’t actually listened to the last 2 all the way through)