Zomby thread


Yeah its a wicked 3 deck mixer tune, similar to footcrab. Solid DJ tools… people like Ben UFO manage to get the most out of tunes like that.


there’s something mystical about zomby…

i’d love to sit down with him and chat about life & music…

I feel like he’d have some interesting things to say


nah he’d nust be chatting shit.


He’d probably fix a place and time to meet, then text you five minutes before said time telling you he’s actually got to go see a dentist


To identify the corpse.



http://i.gyazo.com/f756dd8177c191da91cf3fbdbd89efc2. png < remove the space as I can’t post pix


you have to press enter after the url


Hej Jeppe ?





Hallo !


Haha golden


Once messaged me saying that he’d buy my Palace Chanel sweat off me for his girlfriend. True story.


Haha and did you sell it to him?


The guy flaked. Emailed him about a meet up and all. I couldn’t give a shit about him, just wanting the money. Man thinks so highly of himself…



lool brightens up the image then retweets in case u didn’t realize he’s on a burial afx level

always the same records




I loved how he hyped how much music he was going to release on cult and did 1 1/2 releses besides 92

Guess cult died after crosses stopped being cool


too bad as well, that prayer/forever forever 12" is amazing.


Looks like prayer will be releasing that tune under a new label