Zomby thread


Excited for it being on hyperdub. Thought he was exclusive to XL these days. Crediting his collaborators is a nice change too :joy_cat: Big up zombles this should be good


Zomby missed his own fathers funeral because he decided to have a bath instead…true story


also gantz posted this on facebook


Quandary is sick.
Dunno about sweetz, doesn’t seem to go anywhere.
Should of made it alot longer if they were going for something like that.


that’s fake


I hope so… quite let down here but the hype always was gonna be wild


both tunes are allright, sounding better than the last album and ep allready tho

i thought sweetz would be better


lol comment on that ultra legit zomby and burial track

Poor Burial, It feels like Zomby bullied and then raped him while creating this montrosity. I hope this is not the reason for Burial’s disappearance. And those awful airhorns, typical Zomby. I really dig some of the songs Zomby put out but only because they were already brilliant loops and samples especially Reark’s “Natalia’s song”. I am frustrated that The UK underground music is literally bleeding to death, and along many others Zomby and Hyperdub are leading it to hell. Be strong Burial, you are almost the only one who’s doing “God’s work” over there


Pretty sure it’s legit mate


I don’t understand why the person who posted it would be in possession of the tune.


wasnt sure also but its out today, sold separately, 10"


yeah the link in the youtube video goes to a soundcloud page of this guy who makes and pushes burial knockoff tunes. He used to put out re-edits of incomplete burial radio rips and stuff too

doesnt seem vry legit tbh


Sorry guys it’s legit the full track is up on Juno


lmao, wow

I shouldn’t be surprised at this point. I hope the rest of the album is much better.


I kinda expected sweetz to be a weird underwhelming tune. Hence not immediately buying it when pre orders became available.


Temple sleeper II: Burial’s revenge



hasn’t this happened with the last 3 burial releases

like people thinking they were maybe fake cos they were so underwhelming lol

personally I listened to sweetz last night and found it woozy and abstract in a good way, was expecting to be much more disappointed

but I think at this point u can’t really be looking to burial and zomby to be changing the world


I Rate the track. reminds me of Speedball2, With Love(the track), and that wicked Tape Junts mixtape zomby made .
what would everyone have said if they just got together and did some bleep bloop zarp’s over 2step static? It’s a strange, curious direction to take, and quite a unique track. The getmefuckedup vocal is something you’d hear in a 160 juke track . I’m interested to hear the rest .


anymore got a reup of that sweetz tune, missed it ffs.