Zomby thread


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u can preview it here http://www.piccadillyrecords.com/prod/ZombyBurial-Sweetz-Hyperdub-110355.html


I actually like the tune quite a bit after hearing it a few more times.


ULTRA preview: https://www.trackitdown.net/track/zomby-and-banshee/fly-2/dubstep/10008158.html

It’s amazing


it’s actually sick, best zomby in years


fuck yeah! excited to get a new zomby album. I’m feeling it. used to be a little annoyed by too short “unmixable” tracks but now I don’t even care anymore lol.
and lately I’ve been heavily on that non musical ambient noise tip so I’m really feeling this new stuff and the glitchy fucked up moods. just wish the tracks would be longer, like 10 min shackletonish hypno trips and not 2-4 min momentary journeys. but oh well, that gives me the opportunity to do it myself and enjoy doing it. and yes, long tracks, not very zombyish so this is just me thinking what i prefer.

but can anything ever match 2008-2009 zomby madness, dunno, i doubt it. now we’re closer to that than with the 2 last albums.

but anyway happy to have this album, can’t wait

oh yeah, and the burial track: yesssss! havent’t listened it through completely but i think i see why some people are criticizing it for “not going anywhere”. im just enjoying it as this new shapeless weightless post grime artsy stuff a la rabit and co and don’t wish it to go anywhere else than the asylum where its at…


Zomby, do a live show. Most of them are wank, yours would actually be good. Go on.


zomby is to dnb what diplo is to hiphop


not ass dope as the see thru lime green!

Also E.S.P is available for pre-release listen on Apple Music




zomby did exactly that when he put his record up against all those older legendary records like aphex doing press stuff for his 92 record

and on twitter

Zomby, aphex twin, burial...similar artists

— ZOMBY ® (@ZombyMusic) 28. september 2012


Yo old thread I know but.

But hey,I look at it like this: the drums define the genre like a tempo would. They set the grid.
Then secondly how much space is allowed for the bass (and therefore roughly what type of bass can be put in) also has to do with the drums’ sound. especially when it’s minimalist like zomby is usually. The minimalism is a lot of it,because it means the sounds that are happening are exposed more.They get to ‘say’ more. Like how a logo is more expressed on a simpler type of shirt.

All the other sounds (are almost) interchangable in the genres. Though there’s little specific types of incidentals or percussion fills that point to a genre too, ofcourse.

But like the ‘tourist-ing’ done is possible because of tempos and minimalist approach.
It’s imo also why his collabos are usually better than his own stuff but you can still hear his style. ‘Good at building skeletons’.


Worth noting this is pretty much with a few zomby claps and hats over lol


And an air horn.

But as far as bootlegs go it’s decent.


Yeah tbf



That’s well nice !




I like this shit a lot


I like it but doesn’t have that Zomby vibe. Doesn’t matter if he was producing eski or hardcore all his stuff had a distictive Zomby vibe that this is lacking (probably gunshot airhorn).

Need more collabs with the Dream Catalogue guys