Zomby thread


for real, I will be playing this out the second it gets released.


all i ever wanted was the zomby eski album and he finally did it. got p much all the classics blackdown used to play too

possibly as good if not better than wwu92, just taking one concept and executing it flawlessly


Kinda liked these as dubs tbh - seems a bit weird to now come in the glossy mastered LP format lol


still doesn’t have this :frowning:


fuck i knew there was at least one crucial one missing, probably more but i dont have my zomby dubs folder on this computer


Maybe its just 8 years of hearing them mixed/through the rinse compressor etc but they sound toooo clean and not pirate radio enough lol.

Sick producer and all that but sound a bit dated in this format? Mr Mitch/silk road assassins etc upped the bar since 08/9


9875 more RTs and we could have had it for free.



Modern Love must be shelling out P for this



i have that with youtube rips sometime too lol


tbh in HD it feels like im hearing them for the first time again, the sound design is so slick even 8 years later


How can anyone fall for this eski release it sounds like someone previewing riffs and sounds in Ableton. This is coming from someone that enjoys conceptual art and lots of avant-garde music too…


Zomby has been doing this for like 10 years, its nothing new.

Still hoping for a she loves me / she loves me not release


That eski album does nothing for me, i listened to the previews and it was all too similar for my taste. :man_shrugging:
(and i’ve liked wwui92)

Fingers crossed Little miss naughty/Balloon people/Bur5t see the light of the day at some point


We could see at least 5 albums of old Zomby tracks released and everybody would still be asking for their favorites :DDD
I bet there’s around 100 traxx that I want from him! Just happy to get some old material AT LONG LAST. Hopefully it’ll sell well and we’ll get more of this jammy old school Zomby soon!!! I’m super stoked cos this totally caught me off guard and the samples sound goooood! Instabagged!! :cornstrobe:


22 quid though…


If he released like 4 different EPs of old persys at 8 quid a pop tho…


lol u guys remember that insane zomby thread back on the og dsf?
in other news… his latest looks promising… haven’t had the chance to listen yet tho…


word. that plus shipping, I just bought wavs.