Zomby thread



Where Were You? Is still such a great abum, up there with “Untrue” imo





would’ve been kinda sick without the vocal.

zomby on big dada


Does zomby still think hes black?


Sounds like a aandard break thrown over a vocal to me. Disappointing.


i think he’s that weird bloke from trainspotting



i wish tho


lol so true. going by his twitter, he’s written and mastered at least 4 albums since With Love.




^ the bite is real.


The Old zomby thread is gone?? all 600 almost pages?


along with the rest of the forum, yes. you can still take a look at it though via the “old forum” button on top of your screen.


Yeah Myth does kind of bite off of Zomby’s style a little but honestly most of those synths are straight out of final fantasy haha.They both do what they do very well imo and I love playing their tunes out. Really wish Zomby would put out an album or two of his eski inspired stuff :fire::fire:



hahaha fair enough


zomby doooob


oooh zomby x wiley


Essentially an old acapella thrown onto a Zomby production. Sounds lazily done; could have at least taken that “its all fun and games til volume 3” out.